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Publicity Ideas from Marcia Yudkin,
Author of 6 Steps to Free Publicity

Learn How to Earn No-cost Media Coverage or Get Help With Publicity Strategy & Materials

"Marcia, I thought you might like to know that the latest release you wrote got good results: many trade journals, newsletters, newspapers and MedStar TV. All of this should turn HipSaver from a $100K company to well over a million. Thanks for your help!" - Edward L. Goodwin, President, HipSaver Company, Canton, MA

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Recently, Marcia Yudkin answered more than a dozen common questions on how to get publicity for yourself, your business or a non-profit organization.  Listen to the recording any time of the day or night to learn how to become an expert source for the media, freshen up publicity angles for an annual event, make a dry subject interesting to media people, reach specialized audiences and much more.  Submit the form below to get free, on-demand access to the call.


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Book, Reports, Course on Publicity

The Deep Publicity Course: Learn the Secrets of Nonstop Newsworthiness

6 Steps to Free Publicity, 3rd Edition

Marcia's Makeovers:  24 Press Releases Transformed from So-So to Sizzling

Convert Your Articles to News Releases

Create a Publicity and Marketing Plan

Articles on Publicity

New Product? Give It Nine Lives

The "Divide and Conquer" Publicity Plan: Reaching Niches One at a Time

The Press Release Bait Strategy: Quickly Generate High-Quality Leads

Create Your Own Newsworthy Research

Using Third-Party Research as a Publicity Handle: Potential and Pitfalls

Mining Editorial Calendars: A Neglected Publicity Tactic

Book Publicity Case Study

Get Your Book Into the News - With or Without a Publicist

When the "Expert From Afar" Cant Get Hometown Publicity

Get Publicity Through Case Studies

Temptation, Thy Name is Tips: Get Publicity From Scrumptious Bits of Advice

Five Ways to Piggyback on a News Story

Publicity Stunts Still Earn Attention

Created Correctly, Landing Pages Boost Your Payoff from Publicity

Online Newsrooms Save the Media Time and Frustration

How to Successfully Pitch a Reporter

No More Oops:  Preventing Media Mistakes

Anatomy of a News Release

Tantalizing Press Release Headlines: Do's and Don'ts

Four Techniques for Increasing Your Believability 

Angling Especially for TV? Heres How

Sample Press Release Makeover

Pitch Letters Can Make You a Called-Upon Source

Discussion List Participation as a Publicity Tool 

Extend the Post-Publicity High From Media Mentions

How to Recycle Successful Publicity Campaigns

The PR Quiz

The Publicity FAQ

Publicity Services

"Our Amish Country Videos have all experienced an increase in national recognition and coverage since you re-worked our press releases. Your ability to concisely summarize ideas and concepts in just a sentence or two is amazing, and you always finish a job in less time than we estimate it will take you. Thanks for all of your additional marketing suggestions as well." - Jim & Vicki Gattuso, Owners, EIV Book & Video Productions, Akron, OH

Like all the testimonials on this site, the customer comments on this page were provided without compensation, incentives or rewards.

Consultations and Coaching on Publicity

Press Release Makeovers

Publicity Resources

Our Recommended Resources page offers links to more than a dozen media directory sites, almost three dozen specialized and general publicity distribution services and links to many other free publicity resources.


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