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Marketing for Introverts

Copywriting (Using Language to Persuade)

InfoMarketing (Creating and Selling Information via Reports, CDs, Member Sites, Courses, etc.)

Marketing Dilemmas


Web Site Marketing

Marketing Strategy

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Also learn from 10 sample before-and-after makeovers.

Articles on Marketing for Introverts

Introverts: Ignore the "Shoulds" and Blaze Your Own Marketing Trail

Selling to Introverts: 10 Ways to Appeal to Introverts' Marketing Preferences

The Introvert's Guide to Business Small Talk *GREATEST HIT*

The Loner's Guide to Getting Publicity

How Quiet People Can Network Effectively

A Camera-Shy Person's Guide to Marketing With Video

Why Introverts Do Not Need a Personality Transplant to Successfully Market Their Business 

And much more at my Introvert UpThink website

Copywriting Articles

12 Steps to Boost the Persuasive Power of Your Marketing Copy

25 Ways to Make Your Marketing Copy Bolder and More Intriguing  *GREATEST HIT*

5 No-Hype Copywriting Techniques That Keep Your Promotions Out of the Gutter

8 Techniques for Tantalizing and Increasing Their Urge to Buy

Become More Believable and Trustworthy: A Credibility Checklist for Copywriters

Better Blurbs Are More Persuasive

B-To-B Copywriting: How It Differs From Copywriting for Internet Marketers

Business Bios - a Résumé Alternative

Can You Learn Copywriting from Books?  *GREATEST HIT*

Copywriters: 10 Steps to Improve Your Marketing Writing Today and Tomorrow

Copywriting That Creates a Fit: 10 Ways to Ward Away Unsuitable Clients and Invite Ideal Customers

Creating a Catchy Marketing Concept

Editing Yourself: Five Tips for Using Words Masterfully in Your Copy

From Cold to Warm and Beyond: Options for Tone in Copywriting

Galvanizing Buyers with Benefits

Guarantees with Oomph

Have a Nerdy Specialty or Niche? Show Why It Matters

How to Create Bolder, Jazzier, More Intriguing Email Subject Lines

How to Spin Biographical Information

Igniting Interest and Desire: Smart Ways to Tout an Innovative Product

In Marketing, Enthusiasm Connects

Jargon in Catalogs or Online: Three Reader-Friendly Solutions

Long Copy vs. Short Copy: The Definitive Guide  *GREATEST HIT*

Make Your Business Video Script a Three-Minute Pleaser

Marketing Copy With Conscience: How to Write a Winning Sales Page, Ethically

Marketing Psychology: Avoid These Pitfalls in Your Copy

Proofread to Perfection: Typo Prevention Tactics for Copywriters

Quiz: Test Your Knowledge of Marketing Psychology

Sparking Demand: Seven Ways to Perk Up a Dull Offer

Telltale Signs of Hype

The Four Best Ways to Launch Your B-to-B (B2B) Copywriting Business

Theme Marketing

To Master Copywriting, Use a Mentor - Here's Why

Typo Tales

Understanding of the Reader Is the Foundation of Copywriting Effectiveness

Use Customers' Words to Persuade

Use Words to Earn Trust, Address Objections and Spur Desires

Your Voice on Paper

What Does it Take to Succeed as an Independent Copywriter?

Writing Your About Page - Beware of Hero Or Victim Stories in Your Business Bio

Information Marketing Articles

Marcia's Fast Free Course in Information Publishing 

Creative Information Packaging Options

Five Strategies for Becoming a Thought Leader Without Publishing a Book  *GREATEST HIT*

Four Paradoxes of Pricing  

Free Information Brings Compatible Clients

Free to Fee: Compile Newsletter or Blog Articles into a Collection People Will Pay For

Get Paid in Multiple Ways for Your Expertise 

Group Coaching Models That Leverage Your Time

High-End Coaching: Six Essential Ingredients for a Program That Sells

How Infoproducts Help Your Customers

How to Create Your First Product Catalog

How to Select a Niche for Your Information Marketing Business

Interviewing an Expert For a Teleseminar or Webinar? Avoid These 6 Mistakes

Lost Customers Can Mean Found Revenue

Making the Price Right

Not Quite a Seminar, Not Quite a Home-Study Course: The Semi-Live Course

Offers That Turn Lookers into Buyers 

Online Mentorship Programs Let You Cash in on Your Expertise

Public Domain Riches: Repackage Free Government Material Into Saleable Information Products

Service Providers and Experts: 6 Ways You Profit By Creating Information Products

Teleseminars vs. Webinars: Which Teaching Format is Best for You?

The Most Overlooked Component in Information Marketing Today

The Three Biggest Mistakes First-Timers Make When Developing Information Products  *GREATEST HIT*

Successfully Create and Sell a High-Priced Information Product Using 15 Secrets of Perceived Value

Two Public Speaking Models for Marketers: Educating vs. Selling from the Stage

Virtual Contact:  Not the Same as In-Person Contact

When Running Teleseminars, Avoid These 6 Technical Mistakes

Your First Information Product: Choosing a Topic That Will Sell

Marketing Dilemmas

Referral Fees: Should You or Shouldn’t You?

Reflections on Refund Rates

Waiting for Marketing Results: How Long Does It Take?

What Introverts Love and Hate in Marketing

What Is Your Business Philosophy?

Publicity Articles

Marcia's Fast Free Course in Media Publicity 

Anatomy of a News Release  *GREATEST HIT*

Angling Especially for TV? Here’s How

Book Publicity Case Study

Convert Your Article Archive into Press Releases for Increased Web Traffic

Create Your Own Newsworthy Research

Created Correctly, Landing Pages Boost Your Payoff from Publicity

Discussion List Participation as a Publicity Tool 

Eight Things You Probably Do Not Know About Distributing Press Releases

Enhance Your Expertise With a Trade Publication Article

Extend the Post-Publicity High From Media Mentions

Extraordinary Media Coverage for Ordinary Businesses

Four Techniques for Increasing Your Believability 

Four Ways to Piggyback on a News Story

Get Publicity Through Case Studies

How to Recycle Successful Publicity Campaigns

How to Successfully Pitch a Reporter

Mining Editorial Calendars: A Neglected Publicity Tactic

Nearly Everyone Uses It, And So What?

New Product? Give It Nine Lives

No More Oops:  Preventing Media Mistakes

Online Press Rooms Save the Media Time and Frustration

Pitch Letters Can Make You a Called-Upon Source

Publicity Stunts Still Earn Attention

Sample Press Release Makeover

Tantalizing Press Release Headlines: Do's and Don'ts

Temptation, Thy Name is Tips: Get Publicity From Scrumptious Bits of Advice

The "Divide and Conquer" Publicity Plan: Reaching Niches One at a Time

The PR Quiz

The Press Release Bait Strategy: Quickly Generate High-Quality Leads

The Publicity FAQ

Understanding Niche Publicity

Using Third-Party Research as a Publicity Handle: Potential and Pitfalls

When the "Expert From Afar" Can’t Get Hometown Publicity

You Too Can Create Newsworthy Research

Web Site Marketing

16 Ways to Lure Traffic to Your Web Site

Become a Quiz Whiz

Catering to Enthusiasts, Beginners and Geeks

Cultivating Fans Online

Like Links? Begin With Top-Notch Content

Location, Location: Geography in Web Marketing and SEO

Merchandising on the Web and Off

One-Product Sales Sites: Avoid These Top Blunders

Publishers' Top Web Site Blunders

Remember, It's the WORLD Wide Web

So That's What Goes on a Home Page!  *GREATEST HIT*

Tips for Email Newsletter Staying Power from The Marketing Minute

Selling Multiple Products? Avoid These Top Blunders

Top Web Site Blunders by Coaches, Consultants and Experts

Writing Effective Product Descriptions Can Be Fun!

Your Services Page: How to Reel in Clients Who Are Not Yet Committed

Marketing Strategy Articles

A Niche Can Make You Rich

Avoiding "Me Too" Marketing with a Competitive Advantage

Become Your Company's Hero

Business Owners: Consider a Sabbatical

Clone Your Best Customers

Competition, Schmompetition

Creating a Reputation

Everyone You Employ Must Be a Marketer

Frustrated Because You Keep Getting the Wrong Clients? Five Possible Causes

Getting New Business Fast

How to Profit From the Twists and Turns of Pricing Psychology

Influencers' Impact on Your Business

Insights from 25 Years in Business  *GREATEST HIT*

Making Smallness an Advantage

Networking Maneuvers That Work

Postcard Marketing: Three Case Studies

Postcard Marketing Model #4: Bond With Customers

Postcard Marketing Model #8: Spark Repeat Business

The Mount Washington Method of Building Cachet

True or False?  Test Your Marketing Mastery

Truth in Marketing

Get Published

7 Keys to Getting Book Blurbs

Become a Freelance Science Writer Who Easily Gets Assignments

Become a Successful Freelance Business Writer for Magazines

Become a Travel Writer: See the World and Deduct It as a Business Expense!

Finding Hidden Markets for Magazine Articles

First Aid for Writer's Block, Procrastination and Never-Finish-itis

From Writer to Content Provider

Get Your Book Into the News  *GREATEST HIT*

Getting Around to the "Good Stuff"

Go Entrepreneurial, Writer!

How Writers Can Cash in as Experts

Introverted Writers: Marketing Is Not a Dirty Word   *GREATEST HIT*

Kindle Ebook Cover Tips: Avoid Five Common Blunders That Turn Off Buyers

Kindle Ebook Publishing: Three Unfortunate Misconceptions

Kindle Publishing: How to Commission a Cover That Helps Sell Your eBook

Preparing Your Book Proposal/Manuscript for Submission

Schmoozing Online with Editors

Self-Publishers: Don't Overlook the Profits in Audiobooks!

Self-Publishing: How I Finance My Publication Expenses (and Then Some) Up Front

Smart Moves for Breaking Into Top Magazines

The Editor/Writer Revolving Door

The Freelance Writing FAQ

The M-Factors: Qualities that Help You Break Into Major Magazines

The Ten Most Common Reasons Book Proposals are Rejected — and What These Reasons Really Mean

What Does It Take to Succeed as a Freelance Copywriter?

Why a Writers' Conference? And Which One?

You Too Can Sniff Out Scams!

Please ask for permission before any reuse of these articles.


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