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Learn how to become a marketing consultant in 10 weeks

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Proven 10-Week Copywriting Program For Those With Ability and Drive
With Good Writing Skills and Training, You Can Remake Yourself as a Higher-Earning 
Marketing Consultant 

Now taking applications for Summer 2022

If you're already earning money as a writer, copywriter, graphic designer or sales professional, you might qualify for a unique training program to reposition yourself as a marketing consultant - in only ten weeks.

My name is Marcia Yudkin, and I'm the author of 16 nonfiction books, including six on publicity and marketing for small businesses: 6 Steps to Free Publicity, Persuading on Paper, Internet Marketing for Less than $500/Year, Web Site Marketing Makeover, Persuading People to Buy and Meatier Marketing Copy.

Lasting Value - Income, Skills, Professionalism, Confidence
"It's been three years since I signed up for Marcia's marketing protégé program, but its effects have been lasting. Today nearly half my income comes from marketing consulting work that I never would have had were it not for her course. That includes writing press releases, marketing brochures and consulting.

"The other take-away I received from Marcia's one-on-one was how better to market my business. I've changed from a struggling, insecure freelance writer to a multi-talented professional writer who consistently delivers quality work on time to satisfied repeat clients. Needless to say, that change has given me renewed confidence, which potential customers and clients pick up on right away."

Leonard Felson, Hartford, CT

Like all the testimonials on this site, the customer comments on this page were provided without compensation, incentives or rewards.

Marketing Consultants Make Money

I've developed a distinctive way of consulting with business owners on their marketing materials, and a method of training people to do what I do.

People send, fax or email me their existing marketing materials or drafts of new ones, and I transform the ad, sales letter, brochure, press release or web site into a dynamic profit generator.

This service brings in tens of thousands of dollars a year for me, doing it in my spare time as I continue writing new books and reports. Not only is there an unlimited market for this service wherever you are, and worldwide, but the training includes help in creating your unique marketing plan and your marketing materials for this service, as well as answers to your questions about finding and working with clients. 

Although the work looks like writing marketing copy, and top-notch writing is part of what you deliver, you'll find that positioning yourself as a marketing consultant and offering strategic savvy along with your writing makes it far easier to land assignments and charge higher fees.

You too could do this part-time, or full-time as you prefer. Some participants have even persuaded an employer to pay for the program.

Ready to Get Started?  The Top 6 Ways to Get Your First Clients
Not long ago, I held a teleseminar discussing the six techniques for getting your copywriting/marketing consulting business off the ground that have worked best for my protégés.  I also touched on four additional methods of getting clients.  View results one listener experienced within two weeks.  The MP3 recording is just $19.95, an instant download, and gives you a great introduction to the realities of getting work in this field.  Order the audio for $19.95. ORDER NOW.

How the Training Program Works

Since 1997, I have created, tested, refined and continually updated a ten-week training system, called the Marketing Protégé Program. Each week I give you an assignment to rewrite an actual brochure, press release, letter, web page, etc., from one of my past clients. If you have questions, I do my best to answer them based on what I learned from the client. Then you email me your rewrite, I then email you what I actually did for the client, and at the end of the week, we have a phone conference to discuss the issues involved in that piece. 

This training is highly interactive and hands-on. You learn by doing, and you get the benefit of all of my years of experience.  

In parallel with the assignments, we also work on your own marketing strategy. Under my guidance you might be working with your own clients, either for free or at special in-training rates, so that at the end of ten weeks you have testimonials to use in convincing new, higher-paying clients to sign on. During our weekly phone conversation, you can also raise other issues that you'd like my input on. 

Since the instruction takes place one-on-one, it adapts to your level of experience.  If you're a sales veteran but not such an experienced writer, lessons may focus more on techniques of persuasive writing.  If you have years of copywriting under your belt, we'll probably talk more about working with clients on their customer outreach strategies.

The Program Paid for Itself and Boosted Self-Esteem
"What I gained from this program went way beyond learning to write marketing copy.  Marcia's teaching method was sometimes extremely challenging for me, but it taught me how to trust my intuition.  I can now make faster judgments about marketing pieces and then back them up.  For the first time in my life, I feel like I know what I am doing, and all my friends and business associates notice my increased confidence.  Not only that, but by the tenth session I had already lined up enough new business to pay for the whole program!"

Dorothy Williams, The Write Source, Berthoud, CO

Questions addressed and skills learned in the program include these:

  • How to launch a new product successfully through press coverage
  • Which information about a business to keep out of marketing materials and why
  • Ways to dramatize offerings for greater appeal
  • How to structure a sales letter for maximum impact
  • Methods of increasing credibility in the eyes of prospective clients
  • When and how to pitch something differently to different audiences
  • How to meaningfully summarize a grab bag of services or products
  • Techniques for creating an easy-to-understand order form (much more difficult than you'd imagine!)
  • Practice in translating facts about products and services into points that greatly matter to buyers
  • How to convey a complicated message in the small space of a postcard
  • What not to do and say to your clients, and how to determine appropriate fees
  • And much more

New Sense of Confidence, Much Less Stress and Fear
"Marcia Yudkin taught me more about practical marketing writing in 10 weeks than I've learned from all my books in the last five years.  All the assignments made me think and stretch myself. Marcia's commitment to giving her clients and protégés real value is evident in everything she does. Gently she'll help you learn the lessons you need to reach your objectives."

Collin Dayley, TargetCast Direct, Inc. 

At the conclusion of the program, to reinforce or further your learning, you receive access to two of my online, on-demand courses.  It's a graduation bonus that enables you to solidify what you know and keep growing as a marketing writer.

Do You Qualify to Retool as a Marketing Consultant?

You must have some experience in writing for clients. This could consist of journalism, copywriting or writing as part of a sales/marketing job.  In addition, you must have a top-notch command of the English language, including mastery of spelling and grammar. You also must convince me of your eagerness to tackle and master marketing issues.

Before beginning the training program, you need to have read two of my books, 6 Steps to Free Publicity and Persuading on Paper. They're available from all online bookstores, and you can also order both books from me directly.

Provided a Solid Foundation for My Thriving Business
"My work with you several years back planted the seed for expanding my business: I now help sole proprietors, independent professionals and small business owners market and promote themselves.  You have a unique talent for cutting to the chase, analyzing a business's situation clearly and concisely, and are a wealth of knowledge. I refer to my course notes often, and what I learned from you I continue to apply day after day as I work with my clients."

Chris Vasiliadis,  President, Signature Impact, Inc.

A Fair Price for One-on-One Help

Including all of my personal guidance on all the assignments, help in revamping your marketing so you pitch yourself as a consultant and the two bonus online courses, the training costs $2,900.

The tuition can be paid in two installments - half up front and half the sixth week of the program. We can charge the payments to your Visa, MasterCard or American Express card, or you can pay by check.  If you live outside the U.S., you can pay by bank wire.

If, after five weeks of the program, it looks to either you or me like you're not beginning to get the hang of the work, we'll end it there, and you will not owe me the second installment.

Want your employer to pay for the training?  Here's an alternate description of the program that you can print out to convince your boss to reimburse you from your organization's professional development budget.

A Rare Opportunity to Work With A True Professional
"The field of writing/marketing is full of conflicting advice and questionable 'experts.' I felt very relieved knowing I could trust Marcia to tell me honestly and clearly what works, what doesn’t work, and why. As a coach, she is down-to-earth, good-humored and patient. As a marketing consultant, she is a role model for anyone who wants to combine marketing with intelligence, good sense and high standards. If you are new to the field, as I am, you may have some challenging moments, but in the end you’ll be shocked to find out how much you’ve learned. And you will congratulate yourself that you had the brains to sign up in the first place."

Kay Mandelberg, Granada Hills, CA

How to Apply

If you're seriously interested in this program, then I'd like to see some sample marketing materials you've already created and an explanation of why you think you are or could be good at this kind of work. If you don't have any marketing samples, then find a poorly written ad, sales page or brochure, rewrite it and send me the before and after versions.

To apply, simply email me the information requested in the previous paragraph.

This Course is Unique - Here's How...
Do a Google search for "copywriting courses" or "copywriting training," and you will find a lot of canned instruction that teaches a high-hype style of writing that can indeed earn you a lot of money, but is not the type of copy a typical business is looking for.  My course is different, offering these advantages:

1.  You learn a no-hype style of business writing that works powerfully and honestly, and that fits what most Main Street clients and established corporations want to buy.

2.  You practice on a wide range of real-world subject matter, from innovative furniture to a bridal product, from management consulting to financial services, and if you like, you can experiment with writing in a range of styles.

3.  Assignments include a range of formats, including a press release, brochures, a direct response flyer, a magazine ad, a home page, postal sales letters and more. 

4.  Instruction takes place at your level.  If you're a relative beginner, you learn what you need to know to reach professional status.  If you already have years of writing experience, you gain a mastery of points and principles that make your work even more effective.

5.  You receive personal guidance from someone who's tops in her field, a recognized authority who also has decades of experience as a teacher.

6.  At the end of the program, you have a feasible marketing plan customized to your situation and preferences, along with the marketing materials you need to expand your practice.  Other programs either ignore this need or offer no more than a job board.

7.  It's not open to just anyone.  More than 20 percent of applicants have been rejected as not having the baseline skills necessary for success, or motivation and goals that don't match what this program offers.

"Other copywriting courses taught me how to copy someone else’s writing. Marcia’s course taught me to think. She gently guides you along to think through the answers yourself and develop your own writing voice. Not to mention that Marcia’s approach is real-world, highly credible, and reputation- enhancing. None of the other copywriting courses helped me to understand how business owners with integrity think and work.

"Ten weeks’ worth of hard work has put me on the road to enhancing my strengths and minimizing my weaknesses. Thank you, Marcia. I am forever indebted to your sense of integrity and your flair for selling with words."

John Patten, Lynnfield, MA

Graduates of the Protégé Program Speak

"Marcia is a brilliant, demanding coach who helped me discover new ways to connect with readers. I gained confidence in my ability to pick out the major benefits of a business offering, edit, and write in a way that moves the audience." - Martha Lasley, Troy, PA

"As a newspaper reporter with 25+ years of experience, I thought I
knew how to get the attention of the media.  I didn't.  I am amazed at how much I didn't know - and do now - about how to communicate in the most effective ways, after taking Marcia's course.  It was worth every penny." - Jean Heller, St. Petersburg, Florida

"Marcia taught me how to ask the right questions, pull out benefits and shape tone and content for a variety of marketing materials. Her knowledge, experience and skill can take you from wherever you are to wherever you want to be as quickly and as easily as possible. I highly recommend her as a mentor, coach and professional." - Cindy Marshall, Jefferson, SD

Can't Afford the Training?  Here's a Self-Study Option
Master the techniques that, minute for minute, earn you more when 
applied than just about any other skill - whether you're aiming at improving your own marketing materials or clients'.  My online course Copywriting Fundamentals provides a foundation in the basic principles of copywriting and gives you assignments to practice on, then compare your work with mine and that of other students.  Copywriting course for beginners (or for review).

"Even though I completed Harvard's 'Writing for Public Relations' course (and got an A), I learned more with Marcia's program. Although I had anticipated learning a great deal about writing, what I really learned was how to talk to potential customers, and I especially liked Marcia's common-sense, practical approach to this conversation. Each assignment was more challenging than it initially appeared, and in ten weeks I truly learned to get into the head of the reader." - Camilla McLaughlin, Salt Lake City, UT

"When I took Marcia's course, I had already been working as a copywriter for quite a while, but lacked confidence in my skills. Working with Marcia changed the way I write and how I deal with clients. I learned how to be concise and clear, dig deeper and use my time more efficiently, and I learned to handle a greater variety of marketing pieces. The course challenged me to think, which was great, since effective marketing is as much about the psychology behind the writing as about the writing. Thanks again!" - Susan Landry, Pawtucket, RI

"If you're serious about getting started as a copywriter, Marcia
Yudkin is the best person you can find to help you down that path.
Her course gave me more confidence in my abilities as a copywriter, a clear and do-able roadmap to market my services, a better understanding of what I need to include in the copy I write, and a demystified perspective of the copywriting profession. Unlike other programs where you need to buy an endless number of additional products or services to 'become a copywriter,' with Marcia's program all you need is her and a willingness to do the work." - Crystal Hammonds, Southfield, MI

"This was one of the best investments I’ve made to advance myself professionally.  Marcia is not only a brilliant writer and marketing consultant but also a superb teacher with a gentle but direct manner that brings out the best in her students.  The program requires a significant commitment of time and energy, as any great learning experience does, but in just 10 weeks you will have a whole new set of professional skills with income-producing potential." - Christine Green, Peabody, MA

"It was clear to me throughout the course that Marcia really wanted to help me succeed, and she was extremely generous with information, ideas, and resources. I came away from the course with new skills, fresh ways of thinking, and a definite plan for developing my business in a new direction, as well as solid tools for carrying out that plan. The butterflies in my stomach these days are not from fear of never getting out of the tech writing trench, but from excitement about what's to come next." - Heidi Tran, Columbus, OH

"During the 10-week course, I gained the confidence I needed to go out there and position myself as a marketing consultant who can write persuasive copy. Having worked through the course projects and fallen into several pitfalls along the way, I know how to stay out of them when working for a paying client. Marcia provides insights that you cannot gain by just observing how others are creating materials. Many marketing materials are not as persuasive as they should be, and Marcia tells you why. Armed with this knowledge, you will understand the value you bring to your clients." - Carolyn Frith, Carolyn Frith Marketing

I Now Have All the Copywriting and Business Tools Needed
"Every assignment in Marcia's course emphasized the critical nature of asking the right questions, thinking through what responses the presentation will elicit and fashioning the material to spur specific and immediate action. To the untrained eye, this is not at all apparent. Before I took the course, I had no idea how to go about starting work on any kind of sales document, nor did I have any idea how to find clients or set up the business. Marcia led me through each of these areas, and by the time I finished her course, I was poised to find, take on and serve clients. And more importantly, I felt I was capable of doing a good job for them." - David Ehrman, Los Angeles, CA 

Read a longer, more detailed testimonial.

Naturally, what you earn after graduating from the program depends on your efforts, but you'll complete the program with the requisite skills, marketing materials and individualized strategies to be earning at least $75 to $150 an hour.  A few graduates earned back their course tuition within two months, while a few gave up before their marketing plan yielded satisfactory results.  Typically graduates do settle in nicely to the revamped career they were hoping for.   

Please ask any questions you have about how this might work, and feel free to make any suggestions on how the training and protégé program could best serve your career needs.  Again, if you're interested in applying for the program, please send me samples of your marketing writing and why you believe retooling yourself as a marketing consultant might be right for you.


Marcia Yudkin, Creative Ways, P.O. Box 305, Goshen, MA 01032. Phone: (413) 563-4134. E-mail:

P.S. Please note that I turn down applicants to this program when I feel that we're not a good match.  Find out whether or not it's right for you by sending me your samples and something on your motivation for taking the course today.


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