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Quiz: Test Your Knowledge of 
Marketing Psychology

by Marcia Yudkin


1. Potential buyers care most about:

a. Who you are and whether they can trust you
b. What the product or service can do for them
c. Which famous people have used and liked what you're selling
d. The price, and only the price

2. The most reliable way to know in advance what people will do after your product comes out on the market is:

a. Run focus groups to gather opinions from people just like your target customers.
b. Poll people on your list to find out how many plan to buy.
c. Run Google Adwords ads to see how many people click on your product description.
d. None of the above reliably indicate the extent to which people will actually buy.

3. The best language to use in your headline is:

a. Language swiped from the best performing headlines of all time
b. Wording from the titles of best-selling books on
c. Wording taken from conversations with and questions from the target market
d. Language used by those who developed the product

4. Which of the following groups is hardest to persuade:

a. People who aren't yet aware of the problem you solve
b. People who know of the problem you solve but don't think about it the way you do
c. People who know of the problem you solve but have a different name for it than you do
d. People who know of the problem you solve and have the same name for it as you do

5. How many reasons to buy should you give people?

a. Just one. Keep it simple.
b. Three is the magic number. More than that is confusing.
c. Seven. Beyond that, the human mind can't take in more information.
d. As many as possible.

6. In your marketing copy, should you state things that you consider too obvious to mention?

a. Never. This greatly annoys serious buyers.
b. Only if you can find a clever way to sneak in the obvious information. Otherwise, don't.
c. Only if it's needed to prevent misunderstandings.
d. Always. Even when most people already know those obvious points, they increase the impact of your copy.

7. How often should you bring up points about yourself or your product that might be perceived as negatives?

a. Never. You should only mention the positive points.
b. Mention just one or two negative points per promotion, which increases believability and boosts sales.
c. Admit all the criticisms made by dissatisfied customers, which increases trust and boosts sales.
d. Always talk about horrible things that have happened to you, which increases rapport and boosts sales.

8. A good way to head off buyer's remorse is:

a. Give people something extra they were not expecting.
b. Include a cover letter with their purchase reinforcing the benefits of what they bought.
c. Enclose a personally inscribed "thank you."
d. All of the above.

Quiz Answers

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Learn More

Each of the questions in the quiz is discussed in more detail in my book Persuading People to Buy: Insights on Marketing Psychology That Pay Off for Your Company, Professional Practice, or Nonprofit Organization.  This is the first in a set of five books collecting my Marketing Minute columns by theme.

Find out more about the book.


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