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Learn how to become a marketing consultant in 10 weeks

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Improve Your Copywriting Skills and Become the Rainmaker for Your Organization!

You might qualify for a unique training program to turbocharge your writing and marketing savvy in just ten weeks.

My name is Marcia Yudkin, and I'm the author of 16 nonfiction books, including four on publicity and marketing for small businesses: 6 Steps to Free Publicity, Persuading on Paper, Internet Marketing for Less than $500/Year and Web Site Marketing Makeover.

Learn to Make Lousy Marketing Materials Sing and Sell!

I've developed a distinctive way of consulting with business owners on their marketing materials, and a method of training people to do what I do.

People send or email me drafts or copies of their existing marketing materials, and I transform the ad, sales letter, brochure, press release or web page into a dynamic profit generator.

How the Training Program Works

I have created and tested a ten-week course, called the Advanced Copywriting Training Program. Each week I give you an assignment to rewrite an actual brochure, lead-generating letter, home page, ad, etc., from one of my past clients. If you have questions, I do my best to answer them based on my past interactions with the client. Then you email me your rewrite, I then email you what I actually did for the client, and at the end of the week we have a phone conference to discuss the issues involved in that piece.

This training is highly interactive and hands-on. You learn by doing, and you get the benefit of all of my years of experience.

Throughout the program, we also work on marketing pieces you are crafting for your organization. Under my guidance you'll get practice improving brochures, press releases, web copy, ads, sales sheets or just about anything else prepared for marketing purposes. 

By the end of ten weeks you'll have the ability to carry on with copywriting at a much higher level of skill and success.  During our weekly phone conversation, you can also raise other issues, such as general marketing strategy, on which you'd like my input. 

Questions addressed and skills learned in the program include these:

  • How to launch a new product successfully through news coverage
  • Which information about a business to keep out of marketing materials and why
  • Ways to dramatize offerings for greater appeal
  • How to structure a sales letter for maximum impact
  • Methods of increasing credibility for prospective clients
  • When and how to pitch something differently to different audiences
  • How to meaningfully summarize a grab bag of services or products
  • Techniques for creating an easy-to-understand order form
  • Practice in translating facts about products and services into points that greatly matter to buyers
  • How to convey a complicated message in a small space ad or postcard
  • And much more!

Profitable Pointers and Indisputable Value for Our Company
"Even though I have worked in marketing for more than a decade, it was a huge benefit for me and my company to learn (and profit) from Marcia's great marketing lessons. Putting her concepts to work in everyday examples within the context of the Marketing Protégé course and then applying those to our own marketing plans was the best way to learn what to do and what not to do. With her pointers on press releases alone, we scored a nice article in a major newspaper - just that was worth the cost! Thanks, Marcia, for your patience and your right-on-the-money assessments." - Diana Wiggins, Sales/Marketing Director, ICPA, Inc., Austin, TX

Like all the testimonials on this site, the customer comments on this page were provided without compensation, incentives or rewards.

Do You Qualify for this Copywriting Tutorial?

You do not need any particular experience in marketing to qualify for the training and thrive under my tutelage. However, you must have a top-notch command of the English language, including mastery of spelling and grammar. You also must convince me of your eagerness to tackle and master marketing issues.

Before enrolling in the training program, you need to have read two of my books, 6 Steps to Free Publicity and Persuading on Paper. They're available in many bookstores and libraries, and you can also order both books from me directly.

A Fair Price for One-on-One Help

Including all of my personal guidance on all the assignments and getting you up and running on your own terms as a marketing consultant, the training costs $2,900.

The tuition is normally paid in two installments - half up front and half the sixth week of the program. For your employer's convenience, we can charge the payments to Visa, MasterCard or American Express.  Corporate checks are of course acceptable, too.

If, after five weeks of the program, it looks to either you or me like you're not beginning to get the hang of the work, we'll end it there, and you will not owe the second installment.

I may have space for two people who view this as an exciting opportunity and could begin the program soon. If you're seriously interested in becoming one of those two trainees, then I'd like to see some sample marketing materials you've already created and an explanation of why you think you are or could be good at this kind of work. If you don't have any marketing samples, then find a poorly written ad or brochure, rewrite it and send me the before and after versions.

Graduates of the Advanced Copywriting Course Speak

Here's what my first graduate said about the program:

"Marcia is a brilliant, demanding coach who helped me discover new ways to connect with readers. I gained confidence in my ability to pick out the major benefits of a business offering, edit, and write in a way that moves the audience." - Martha Lasley, Troy, PA

Another graduate wrote:

"The Marketing Protégé Program gave me one of the best learning experiences I have ever had. It was hard work, but Marcia was extremely patient and gentle, even when delivering criticism of my work. With her advice, assistance, critiques and support I am confident that I have a solid set of skills." - Mary Pat Messina, Fishkill, NY

Here's another accolade:

"If you're serious about improving your marketing and copywriting skills, Marcia's program is the best way to do it. She taught me how to ask the right questions, pull out benefits and shape tone and content for a variety of marketing materials. Her knowledge, experience and skill can take you from wherever you are to wherever you want to be as quickly and as easily as possible. I highly recommend Marcia as a mentor, coach and professional." - Cindy Marshall, Jefferson, SD

More Graduates of the Marketing Consultant Training

And more:

"Marcia's patience alone makes her a great person to have on your team. She knows how to get you to think and asks the right questions to get you to sharpen your own writing. I found all the assignments valuable and gained confidence in my ability along with useful reminders, such as that the audience must be the first consideration in any marketing piece." - Catherine Cantieri, Austin, TX

From another graduate:

"Marcia delivers what she promises - a ten-week crash course that will challenge you to think in new ways about writing persuasively.   Marcia's got so much knowledge and experience in this area that it's impossible not to learn from her.  She combines all the qualities of a good teacher -- insightful, challenging and supportive - with the qualities of a good writer.  I would recommend her to anyone looking to augment their marketing and/or writing skills." - Alisa Wolf, Medford, MA

On a Tight Budget or Prefer to Study on Your Own?
If this program doesn't seem right for you, consider Marcia's self-study copywriting training course. Learn the same skills at your own pace.

Another tribute:

"Even though I completed Harvard's 'Writing for Public Relations' course (and got an A), I learned more with Marcia's program. Although I had anticipated learning a great deal about writing, what I really learned was how to talk to potential customers, and I especially liked Marcia's common-sense, practical approach to this conversation. Each assignment was more challenging than it initially appeared, and in ten weeks I truly learned to get into the head of the reader." - Camilla McLaughlin, Salt Lake City, UT

Please ask any questions you have about how this might work, and feel free to make any suggestions on how the copywriting training program could best serve your needs and those of your organization.

To apply, simply get in touch by emailing me or by calling me at (413) 563-4134.


Marcia Yudkin, Creative Ways, P.O. Box 305, Goshen, MA 01032. Phone: (413) 563-4134. Email:



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