Creative Marketing Solutions: Fresh, Effective Strategies for Attracting Clients and Customers from Marcia Yudkin
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Master the Art of Attracting and Convincing
New Customers and Clients

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"With Persuading on Paper, Marcia Yudkin gives her readers a ticket to entrepreneurial stardom.  She breathes life into her ideas with real examples and tells the truths only an insider would know." - Jay Conrad Levinson, mastermind of the Guerrilla Marketing books


Learn how to write copy that improves your image, attracts more business and increases profits.  Filled with practical advice, invaluable examples from business owners and cost-cutting tips, Persuading on Paper is for anyone who wants to create marketing materials that sell.

Table of Contents

I. Getting Started

1.  What Do You Need on Paper and Why?

2.  Who are You Really, and What are You Selling?

3.  Knowing Your Audience - and Your Competition

4.  Choosing an Appropriate Voice

5.  Culling Content for Your Materials

A Practical Guide That Made a Visible Difference to My Business
"After one year of relative success as a marketing consultant, I read Persuading On Paper by Marcia Yudkin and recognized that I was trying to sell my product instead of 'stating the problem clearly in order to connect with my customers' concerns and motivating them to act right away.' (Chapter 2)  In short, I was too busy trying to sell them, that I wasn't just letting my customer buy!

"I also realized that I was telling them why they should buy instead of helping them specifically see why they needed what I had to sell. By implementing the guidelines on page 16 and using an informal voice (Chapter 4), my flyers went from boring and crowded to conveying clear, direct information that was entertaining to read.  Thank you, Marcia, for a practical and applicable book." - Jo Lembo, Independent Marketing Consultant

Like all the testimonials on this site, the customer comments on this page were provided without compensation, incentives or rewards.

II. Focusing on Formats

6. Informing and Influencing with Brochures, Flyers and

7.  Sales Letters and Direct Mail That Get Results

8. Newsletters and Publicity Materials That Build Your

9. No-Sell Selling with White Papers, Tip Sheets, Columns
  and Articles

10. Advertisements That Bring in Steady Business

11. Other Formats, Innovative and Traditional

III. Appraising Your Work

12. Using Trade Secrets from the Masters

13. Editing for Crisp, Clear - and Correct - Copy

14. Getting Helpful Feedback and Testing Effectiveness

15. Legal Constraints to Be Aware Of

IV. Your Image on Paper

16. What Do-It-Yourselfers Need to Know About Graphic

17. How to Work With Designers and Printers

18. Proofreading and Its Pitfalls

19. Saving Money Without Losing Appeal

V. Solutions for Problems

20. Articulating What's Special About Your Business

21. Collecting Compelling Testimonials

22. Finding a Creative Twist

23. Getting the Writing Done

24. Fitting Into Available Space

25. Finding Writing and Marketing Help

VI. Resources

26. Guide to Resources

27. Getting in Touch


Persuading on Paper, ISBN 0-714-0610-1, has 326 pages and is a paperback book, copyright 1995, 2001.

"I wish I'd seen this book before I spent thousands of dollars on a marketing seminar.  Marcia Yudkin leaves no stone unturned.  Persuading on Paper says it all." - Hannelore Hahn, Founder and Executive Director, International Women's Writing Guild

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