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Looking for 6 Steps to Free Publicity?  Click here to buy it.

"6 Steps to Free Publicity is loaded with new ways of looking at publicity and helpful to anyone trying to get ink and air time for themselves or clients. I find it especially helpful for me - making the transition from traditional PR with a high-profile, high-tech company to promoting first-time authors. Her book has given me new skills and a comfort level for using them." - Claudia Gere, Gere Publishing


Learn how to promote yourself, your business or your cause with the updated edition of this classic guide to getting media coverage. 

Filled with inspiring examples and detailed how-to, 6 Steps to Free Publicity goes far beyond traditional news release strategies to a cornucopia of methods for making your mark in your specialized field or for the general public. 

This 287-page paperback book, currently in its third edition, costs just $15.99.

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In 2014, the book 6 Steps to Free Publicity celebrated 20 years in print.

Like all the testimonials on this site, the reader comments on this page were provided without compensation, incentives or rewards.  

The typical result of pursuing publicity is that you do get some.  Note, however, that how much publicity you receive depends on timing and luck as well as how well you follow publicity-seeking guidelines.

Table of Contents

Introduction to the Third Edition

 I. Getting Started With Publicity

1. Riches... Credibility... Prestige... Opportunity - What Publicity Can Do For You

2. Thinking Like a Publicity Hound

3. The Comfort Factor:  Exposure Without Feeling Exposed

"One of my favorite publicity books of all time." - Joan Stewart,

II. Writing to Get Publicity

4. 6 Steps to Free Publicity:  Creating and Distributing a News Release

5. Supporting the Story With a Media Kit or Online Media Room

6. Letters That Pitch for You, Rattle the Public or Roll Out Your Message

7. Tip Sheets That Keep You in People's Minds and Files

8. Painlessly Publishing Articles Yourself

9. Advertorials That Don't Cost You a Cent

III. Speaking and Acting for Publicity

10. Staging Magnet Events

11. Speaking, for Fee or Free

12. Hitting the Airwaves, on the Radio, TV or the Web

13. Schmoozing That Puts You in the Public Eye

"Using the information in your book, I got a call from Vermont Woman, the local women's newspaper.  In response to my press release, they want to write me up in their Entrepreneurial Woman column for their February (Valentine's) issue.  Wa-hoo!" - Jennifer Michelle, President, A Little Lingerie Company, LLC

IV. Polishing Your Publicity Skills

14. Cooperating With Reporters

15. Performing on Radio and TV Like a Pro

16. Pitching Over the Phone

17. 10 Pitfalls in Publicity Writing and How to Avoid Them

18. 77 Ways to Get Unstuck When Trying to Write

19. Getting Sizzling, Forceful Testimonials

20. How to Concoct Creative Angles, Images and Exploits

21. Becoming Findable Through Search Engines

22. Making Time to Publicize

"I refer to 6 Steps to Free Publicity all the time.  I have about half the pages dog-eared.  It's smart, scrappy, and it really works!" - Steve O'Keefe, author, Complete Guide to Internet Publicity and adjunct professor, Tulane University

V. Keeping the Publicity Momentum Going

23. Capitalizing and Building on Your Free Publicity

24. Resources for Your Publicity Campaign


"Whether you have your own business or consulting practice, belong to a civic group or professional association, have administrative responsibility for a department in a corporation, or want to promote yourself, your profession, a special program, project, or event, this book is a must read. I have been recommending it for 8 years and will continue to do so." - Donna Cardillo, Cardillo & Associates

Buy the paperback

Buy the Kindle version

Buy the Nook version

Photo credit: "Toasting Champagne" by Waldo Jaquith under CC BY-SA license


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