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Sample Seminar Flyer Makeover
"After" Version

Review the "before" version of this sample makeover of a seminar flyer.

Maria Cordon's flyer had all the basics, but needed pizzazz.  It concentrated more on the "what" than the "why" and "so what" of her seminar.  The two most crucial areas needing improvement:  the headline (too dry and factual;  not motivating enough) and the bullets indicating the content of the seminar. 

These two elements, the headline and bullet points, apply to many marketing documents, including printed "sell sheets," Web pages and copy on the product itself.  Sometimes people buy because of just one bulleted item that appeals to them.  For instance, from my revised copy below, a Houston high-tech company might send someone to Attorney Cordon's seminar solely to find out which months of the year are best to snag a visa for a foreign programmer.

Specificity in marketing copy always works better than vague statements.  Compare the original "Overview of the government agencies involved in employing foreign workers" with the revised "When to deal with the U.S. Department of Labor and when with the Immigration and Naturalization Service, the State Department and state employment agencies."

Finally, note below how the initial question and the headline set up a clear and compelling problem-and-solution dynamic.

The "After" Version

Is Houston's tighter-than-tight employment market making you desperate?

Learn How to Legally Employ Foreigners to Solve Your Staffing Woes

Attend our free seminar for CEOs, business owners and managers.

If you find yourself unable to fill vital positions for professional, high-tech, skilled or unskilled staff, you should consider hiring foreign personnel. Although eligibility rules and procedures are complicated, with proper guidance most companies can successfully shepherd visa and permanent residency applications for foreign workers through the system.

To explore alternative ways of filling your job vacancies, come to this free seminar with Maria M. Cordon, Attorney at Law and Legal Advisor for the Consulates of Guatemala. You will learn:

  • The distinction between a visa and a "Green Card" (legal permanent residency) and when you must concern yourself with each

  • When to deal with the U.S. Department of Labor and when with the Immigration and Naturalization Service, the State Department and state employment agencies

  • Which of the A-through-S visa types apply to which situations

  • Which months of the year you have the best chance to secure visas for high-tech workers

  • How to arrange the legal transfer of someone to the U.S. who is working abroad for your organization

  • What authorities look for in approving or denying visa applications

June 25, 2000 from 12:00 noon to 1:00 p.m.

1535 W. Loop South, 4th floor

Houston, TX 77027

Space is limited, so please reserve your place in this free seminar today by calling Connie Coronado at (713)528-2643 or sending an e-mail to Complimentary lunch provided; free parking available.

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