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What Can Happen With a Solid Marketing Plan

Like all the testimonials on this site, the client comments here were provided without compensation, incentives or rewards.  

Because every marketing plan is unique, there is no such thing as a typical result.  Note also that the success of a plan requires intelligent application.  Even the best plan can't work if it sits on the shelf. 

Real Results, A Stunning Return on Investment

"The year-long marketing plan Marcia Yudkin developed for us last year helped us to focus on specific monthly marketing activities that we hadn't tried before. As we implemented these monthly activities, we began seeing tangible results in our sales revenues. In fact, we attribute more than $70,000 in new revenues last year to the marketing activities Marcia described in the marketing plan. We expect this revenue growth to accelerate next year as we continue to follow the plan." - Steve Clark, President,

Substance, Imagination, Workability

"Marcia Yudkin is a pro.  Genuine substance (no fluff), plus she's a real class act. I hired her to prepare a new marketing plan for the Subscription Website Publishers Association (SWEPA) and she delivered a very practical, imaginative and professional 12-month plan with loads of resources and details on how to execute it. It's a lot of work, and slowly but surely, I'm working the plan." - Peter Schaible, Director, SWEPA

A Marketing Plan Motivates Purposeful Action

"The marketing plan Marcia created for me has helped twirl the magic wand of structured thinking, so that I pursue clear action rather than just plan for it." - Shefaly Yogendra, Syllogise Limited, UK

Planning is the Road to Plenty

"Thanks for the marketing plan.  You helped give me the boost that I needed to maintain a steady flow of business." - Jim Harrington, president, James Capital Corporation, West Des Moines, IA

Now We Know What to Do and Keep Enjoying the Results

"The marketing plan Marcia created for our company continues to work quite well for us.  Before the plan, we were in 'marketing by crisis' mode.  Her plan focused our efforts on specific tasks, gave excellent references for finding information about tasks and kept us on track for completing tasks in time for upcoming publicity.  We now routinely receive media exposure and received an offer to write a book about our area of expertise." - Eddie Edwards, President,

Business Growth is Now Excitingly in Sight

"The marketing plan Marcia made for me looks great.  Marcia's intelligence and experience comes through in every sentence.  I have never had a plan like this in my seven years in business!  I feel more in control of my future and excited about executing the plan." - Mark J. Campbell, president, M. J. Campbell Associates, Newton, MA

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If you'd like to control the future of your business rather than be buffeted by challenges, emergencies and random opportunities, then sign up for the Marketing Plan Course, which provides a step-by-step process for creating your customized month-by-month marketing plan, for a fraction of the $3,000 and up that clients paid to have Marcia create a plan for them.

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