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Four Steps to a Better Year!  Online Course With 1-on-1 Coaching
Get Next Year on Track Now: Create a Targeted, Practical, Just-for-You, One-Year Marketing Plan

Why bother with an annual marketing plan?

By the seat of your pants, you’ve reached a certain level of success, but you work way too hard, with scattershot effort.  Now it's time for focused, strategic action. 

You've been marketing just whenever you feel like it or can spare the time, and your cash flow shows it.  Sometimes you're aflush with income and too often, you hit a stretch of famine.

Or you have a goal, such as making your new product a success, becoming the "go-to" firm in your industry, doubling your market share or being able to take five vacations a year.


Create an annual marketing plan, no MBA needed

Success becomes far easier when you know what to do and when to do it.  Gear up for success this year with help from a marketing coach who has world-class experience in reputation building and creative outreach to current and new markets.

With the Marketing Plan Course, you plan step by step

In the privacy of your home or office, devote some concentrated and directed energy to how you want the coming year to turn out for your business.  Listen to four online lessons (and several bonus audios), fill out the planning questionnaires, and emerge with a customized, feasible month-by-month plan of action that makes your desired future happen.

"Great course in marketing strategy as it lays out a complete methodology for charting a course for the new year. Marcia's approach does not overwhelm you with too much advice, but guides you through a retrospective of what worked and did not work in the past year. This leads to the development of a sound marketing plan for the coming year that focuses on building upon your past year successes, eliminating ineffective programs and incorporating new ones with better promise." - Henry Bruce, Founder, Rock Annand Group

With your strategic yet concrete marketing plan, you stop depending on the habits that have taken you only so far.  Throughout the coming year, you'll know how to do the right things at the right time so you reap your desired business and personal rewards. 

The four steps in this course

This program is inward-looking as well as forward-looking, which ensures that it's not an academic exercise but instead truly fits your yearnings, personality, resources and preferences.  Here is the four-step process in a nutshell:

Step 1: Take stock of the previous year and identify goals

You're taken through a series of questions that help you reflect on where you succeeded best during the previous year, where you left money on the table and where you'd like to take your business in the coming year.  Learn new ways to leverage what you've already done so you can earn more with less effort.

Step 2: Discover which tactics help achieve which goals

With specific goals and personal preferences in view, you start pinpointing which marketing and publicity tactics to include in your marketing plan.  Detailed "If you want this, then do that" guidelines and handouts help you assemble a tentative list of to-do's for the coming year.

Step 3: Construct your month-by-month marketing plan

Discover how to turn all your maybes into a simple, easy-to-follow action plan, incorporating recommended frequencies, sequences and practical timing for the various components.  Listen to a consulting session in which I put together a workable, specific plan for a psychologist in private practice.  Hear which categories of items do not belong in your plan, and why.

Step 4: Make sure the plan is manageable

Before finalizing your plan, it's crucial to look inside again and think about what might get in the way of carrying it out.  You get a multitude of tips on making sure your action plan fits your strengths and compensates for your weak points.  Your takeaway is a manageable, unique-to-you marketing plan.

Then, get my advice and input

You're not left adrift to get everything right in the planning process.  The course includes a one-hour telephone consultation in which I answer your questions, look over your marketing plan draft if you've gotten that far, and provide feedback on tactics you've overlooked or misunderstood.

It's up to you at what point in your planning process to schedule the consultation.  Some people will prefer doing it while they're pondering options in Step 2, while others will want to talk with me much later.  We'll be in touch about scheduling your time with me.  

About your leader

Creative marketing coach Marcia Yudkin has decades of experience helping all kinds of businesses with the creation and execution of marketing and publicity plans.  

Testimonials from marketing plan clients

More on Marcia's background

No MBA-speak, no number-crunching

If you search the Internet for "annual marketing plan" or "sample marketing plans," here's what you’ll find.  With rare exceptions, such sample plans, services and software are crafted by steeped-in-jargon MBAs who want you to analyze and rehash what you already know and wrap your mind around concepts like "macroenvironment," your "contribution margin" and "strategy pyramids."  (These words come from a site selling marketing plan software.) 

The Marketing Plan Course uses no business-school mumbo-jumbo, no pie charts, no spreadsheets and no calculations.  Instead, with provocative questions, information about which tactics help you reach which goal and an easy step-by-step process, you create a simple, no-nonsense set of well-chosen actions to take month by month during the year so you reach your objectives.

"Before I took Marcia's Marketing Plan course, I just let things happen naturally, without annual goals or a marketing plan for my business.  Guess what happened? Not much. Since participating in the training, I've used Marcia's step-by-step system every December to examine what worked and didn't work the previous year, establish the new year's goals and create my annual marketing plan. This in-depth training will help you take your business from wherever it is today to where you want it to be one year from now, no guessing required." - Kathy Goughenour, Trainer and Coach,

If you need a marketing plan as part of a search for funding or financing, the Marketing Plan Course is not for you.  If you want a practical success plan that gets you on track toward your goals and moves you along, then sign up today at the bottom of this page so you can dig in right away.

Two other distinctive aspects of this marketing plan course are the extent to which it encourages you to take a broad view of your goals and its emphasis on making sure you are planning in a way that fits your personality and habits - and the capabilities and resources of your team, if you have one - so the tasks in your plan actually get accomplished.

How much is the Marketing Plan Course?

Although clients have paid me $3,000 and up for a customized one-year marketing plan, this self-paced online course with my one-on-one feedback and advice costs only $497.

If you prefer to go it alone, you can take just the online course (without my feedback and advice) for only $297. TAKE JUST THE ONLINE COURSE.

Is it for you?

This program is for small business owners, solo practitioners and marketing managers of companies or non-profits of up to $10 million in annual sales.

"Marcia, I am very pleased with your Marketing Plan program. As a result of this course, I am now very clear about my marketing goals for the year ahead, and the steps and resources needed to achieve them. And the time you spent on the phone with me individually helped me to feel genuinely supported in the process. Thank you!" - Stephanie Hessler, Owner & Designer, Stephanie Hessler Enterprises LLC 

If you have not yet launched your business, there are a few points in the  Marketing Plan Course that might not apply to you, but on the whole, it takes you too by the hand and shows you how to create a feasible marketing action plan that successfully launches your enterprise. 

Is it guaranteed?

Yes, the Marketing Plan Course includes a money-back guarantee.  Sign up and watch up to 20 percent of the online course content, and if you decide it's not for you, just let me know and I'll refund everything you paid.

By enrolling in the course now, you'll have the whole marketing planning process in your toolbox to use next year again, as many times as you like and for years to come.

How to sign up

The Marketing Plan Course fee, including my feedback and advice, is $497.

After you order, you get instant access with a password and link to the online portion of the course.  I'll be in touch to discuss when you want to schedule your one-on-one consulting session.  Proceed at your own pace.  It's a fun, fulfilling, fruitful process!



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