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The Future of Information Marketing: Sample Tips

The Future of Information Marketing audios present the candid observations, experiences, advice and predictions of 73 marketers who make their living selling information.

Below are several sample revelations from the featured experts.

(1) What is your vision of where information marketing is headed?

Information Marketing Cannot Be Robotic
"No matter what information you are selling, you have to think of the human aspect. Your information must be seen as a vehicle for you to reach out the market, to contact the market, to grant their needs. This will only become more important as we go towards the future because it is always, always a people business. You must have the human touch! That's what will make your business become real and a lot more successful." - Ewen Chia

The Market is More and More Competitive
"Definitely take the time to add serious ground-breaking information to your product.  This is what it is going to take to beat the competition, because most people will do the easiest thing they can possibly do.  Then people are going to talk about it for a long time, saying 'This was really worth the money - it's something that I'm going to refer to a lot.'" - Jack Humphrey

(2) What is your #1 success tip for anyone considering information marketing or already involved?

Be Sure You Already Know Colleagues in Your Market
"People think that okay, I have this product now about basket weaving, and I am going to email other basket weaving websites and tell them about my e-book, and hey, are they going to promote it for me. Well, it does not happen that way! Yes, you will get some bites, but the way you get your product promoted these days is by knowing these people. Start out by helping them out with something. Promote something of theirs, give them some content or anything! Just open the doors of communication, so it is already in place when you make that product and then you always have those affiliates there, who are friends waiting to promote it for you." - Alice Seba

Help People Put it All Together
"Everybody is selling a piece of the puzzle, but nobody is giving the box that shows what the puzzle looks like with all the pieces in it. So people get confused and that's why they're looking for somebody more coach-oriented, teacher-oriented to walk them through it, instead of just selling a big box they're going to drop on their front porch with the keys to the kingdom. People are looking for a system or at least somebody to hold their hand and say 'Here's how the pieces work together. Start here. And then we're going to connect the dots to here.'" - Carrie Wilkerson

(3) And what is the biggest pitfall you feel holds individuals back from success in information marketing?

Don't Insist on Perfection!
"I've tried running campaigns where I control all the possible outcomes. I've also done others where it was just a gut instinct. And it's interesting that the things that actually made me the most money are the ones I didn't spend too much time thinking about. I'm not suggesting that you just throw everything out and see what sticks, no! Just don't spend so much time trying to think of all the possible ways you can perfect it. Because in the end, that's going to stop you from taking action. And then by the time you start taking action, somebody else might have already beaten you into it. Or the method is no longer effective or the product doesn't convert anymore." - Dylan Loh

Outsource Everything Besides What You Do Best
"The biggest problem that people are having, is they're trying to do everything on their own. They're wearing all the hats of the business. They're the marketer, they're the salesperson, they're the e-mail writer, they're the copywriter, they're the article writer. Instead, focus on what you're good at, what you're best at, what you have the most passion for and outsource the rest. The moment I started doing that, I had more free time, I had more money and I was able to enjoy what I was doing in my business so much because it was more fun." - Jeff Mills

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