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True or False?  Test Your Marketing Mastery

by Marcia Yudkin

How much do you know about what works and what doesn't in attracting business? For each statement below, decide whether it's true or false.  Click on "T or F?" to check your answer.  

1. If you've created an effective mailing piece, you should use it only once. T or F?

2. Always change your ads when you get tired of them. T or F?

3. On average, people need to hear from you or about you seven times before they respond. T or F?

4. You can sustain a business long-term through publicity alone. T or F?

5. Low prices have universal appeal. T or F?

Eradicate Wordiness - Guidelines and Exercises for Practice
Learn how to get your point across in one page or how to satisfy a strict word count for magazine or newsletter editors. Find out how to identify and cut repetition, eliminate excess verbiage, make your point fast and convey a wealth of facts in a small space. My longwinded clients asked for this! Become more concise.

6. Always introduce yourself by your occupational title (dentist, consultant). T or F?

7. Promotional newsletters are usually worth the investment. T or F?

8. E-mail advertising to strangers is cheap and effective. T or F?

9. Sending "thank you" notes increases your business. T or F?

10. Once you have all the business you can handle, you should stop marketing. T or F?

Rustle Up Customers Fast!
Zero in on the customers you most want and tempt them to try you with a colorful, strategically written and designed postcard.  It's cost-effective, too! Discover the principles underlying successful postcard campaigns.  Take the online postcard marketing course.

Postcard Marketing Course

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