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Teleteach for Profit:  Learn How to Promote, Run and Sell Interactive Teleclasses, Webinars and Audio Programs

If you're an expert or want to highlight experts in a certain topic area, teleclasses are an easy-to-master, profitable instructional medium.  Whether you like to talk or enjoy getting other people talking, it takes a minimum of technical savvy to use the telephone and audio recording services to create programs and products that you can charge for - or use as lead generators for products and services you later charge for.

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Just a few scenarios to demonstrate the possibilities: 

  • You already teach or train.  By teaching teleseminars, you eliminate the need to get dressed up, travel and park at your instructional location.  With teleteaching, you get paid to teach people who are too busy or too far away to attend your in-person classes.  You can also create products as you teach, for little or no extra expense.  (Compare that with the years most people require to finish writing a book!)  Teleteaching is convenient, time-effective and profitable. 

  • You own a business or professional practice.   Free teleseminars or webinars can help you attract perfect prospects for your services.  They're a powerful lead generator, a no-risk way for listeners to simultaneously learn something and check you out.  After a call, ideal clients often want to buy your services, while the freebie seekers simply slink away. 

Here's what one listener wrote after participating in a teleclass I hosted:   "A teleseminar extends the human connection.  You have a nice sounding voice, and it adds another element to all of your future emails.  You're a 'real person' now."

  • You want to extend your product line.  Maybe you have a couple of products you've created or a themed ecommerce store.  Running teleclasses and turning them into products, whether singly or in a series, gives you an easy additional stream of revenue.  You don't have to be an expert yourself - you can be the impresario who interviews them.

  • You have a hobby or specialized interest.  Turn your passion for gardening or ecotourism or classic car collecting into an income source by bringing together experts and enthusiasts on a call or series of calls.  Use more than half a dozen free methods to promote your sessions and keep 100% of the program fees!

  • You've spotted a marketplace gap or opportunity.  Suppose you go looking for information and can't find anything relevant and useful.  If you have reason to believe others are likewise searching for solutions on this issue, you can create and sell teleclass sessions and recordings less than a week after you have the idea.  Yes, the income from teleteaching really can come in that fast. 

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  • You run a nonprofit organization.  People who are devoted to your cause enjoy learning more and more about it.  Use teleclasses as a means of attracting and educating donors or charge an admission fee for a series of in-depth, behind-the-scenes, insider-information calls.  Afterwards, the recordings turn into a free enthusiasm-stoking medium or a funds-generating product line.

View my YouTube video, showing the lifestyle teleteaching makes possible.

I'm Marcia Yudkin (read my bio if you don't know me), and for more than nine years I've participated in or led dozens of educational telephone seminars and computer-based webinars and helped many others get their programs off the ground.  My self-study course, Teleteach for Profit offers a unique combination of instruction, feedback and resources that help you start your own successful teleteaching program. 

"Marcia, after the consulting hour with you that came with Teleteach for Profit, I felt as if a weight had been lifted from my shoulders. Although I had been going through a spurt of creativity creating and recreating audio products, I felt stuck about targeting my market. It was reassuring to go back to your audios and manual for reference, but speaking with you really helped me hone in on my goals. 

"All in all, your course was one of the best investments I have made in furthering my career."- Gloria Arenson, Marriage and Family Therapist,

Learn everything you need to launch your teleclasses

Since successful teleteaching involves numerous logistical, marketing, business and communication challenges that may be new to you, Teleteach for Profit offers a concentrated online curriculum that takes you step by step through what you need to know:

I. Business models:  Strategies and options

  • More than seven ways you can make money from teleteaching, so you can decide which model or models make the most sense for you

  • The two easiest, fastest ways to offer your first teleclass 

  • Best strategies for using free teleclasses to promote a service, seminar or cause

  • How much can you charge?  The most lucrative business models - and what you need to make them work

  • Strategies to avoid if profit is your motive 

  • Want steady, long-term profits from teleseminars?  Two routes to that

  • Why I dislike webinars - and what might make them a perfect option for you

"Marcia Yudkin is one of the very few hype-free and totally trustworthy sources of information out there. After going through her course, I now feel totally qualified to create, market and deliver my own high-impact teleseminars." - Nick Usborne, Publisher, Excess Voice

II. Nuts and bolts:  All the how-to's and do's/don'ts you need

  • Conference-call line (also called "bridge line") options, both free and fee 

  • Recording options - both hands off and hands on

  • Recommendations for meeting the needs of different-sized audiences

  • Tactical preparation that ensures a smoothly running call, including two things many experienced presenters forget to take care of

  • Best ways to open and close a telephone session, to pace it and to handle questions

  • My worth-its-weight-in-gold checklist for avoiding embarrassing mistakes

  • Handouts?  How to enhance listeners' convenience, attention and perceived value while also meeting the needs of those listening while driving or exercising

III. Marketing and promotion:  Best ways to fill your seats

  • Turning your topic from mildly interesting to a "got to attend!" one

  • Marketing sequences - yes, sequences rather than single promotions are key - that pull in participants

  • "Sneak preview" strategies that boost enrollment in an upcoming paid teleclass series

  • Comparative advantages of ezine, joint venture, pay per click, forum, listings, articles, press release and other popular teleclass promotional strategies, many of them 100% free

  • The cold hard facts about attendance, and how to compensate for attrition

  • Tips for selling during a call without affecting the overall educational value of the session - and two methods that won't come across like selling at all

  • Exactly when and how to prompt richly nuanced testimonials

"Marcia Yudkin helped me grow my business from $25,000 to $100,000 a year within 6 months.  Get her help and you'll avoid all the mistakes others make." - Kathy Goughenour, Black, MO

IV. Product creation, packaging and delivery:  Extending teleteaching profits for passive income

  • Tips for ensuring the value of a session for later listeners

  • Sprucing up your recording - audio editing basics

  • Transcription options, with ways to enhance their accuracy and readability

  • Paradoxes of perceived value and how to turn them to your advantage when creating products

  • Do-it-yourself shipping versus having someone else do it

  • CD packaging recommendations, including new eco-friendly mailers

  • Post-production shuffle - repackaging older teleseminars for later boosts in sales

V. On to webinars: Adding visuals and a different delivery interface to the mix (Guest instructor, Gihan Perera, author of Webinar Smarts)

  • Ways to use the webinar or webcast medium to best advantage

  • Ideal length for a webinar - and why

  • Interactive features you can incorporate into a webinar to help participants feel more involved and interested

  • Best ways to prepare and run the visuals - with the pros and cons of Powerpoint, webcam, and screen captures

  • How to easily arrange for an assistant at no cost to help run your first webinar

  • The rule of thumb for how many slides you need for a webinar, and the reasoning behind it

  • What to have (and not have) on hand during your session

  • Smartest methods of handling questions and fending off glitches during a webinar

"What I gained from Teleteach for Profit was all of the subtle things to make my calls more impactful and high quality. I now know about different ways to do teleclasses, edit, market and record as an info product.  Well worth the investment.  Thanks so much!" - Christy Moore, Moore Joy Coaching

And that's not all.  You also receive:

  • Insights: Two hour-long audio interviews with teleclass veterans who have each led at least a hundred telephone teaching sessions.  Learn from their logistical experience and business innovations! 

  • Skills:  Another hour-long audio with improve-your-voice tips from Rebecca Shafir, a speech and language expert who has coached well-known media personalities, politicians and business leaders since 1980.

"Thanks, Marcia, for opening up a flood of profit-saturated product ideas for products.  You are a genius at helping people find their best marketing path, building the proper tools, and making success happen!" - Hakim Chishti, IMC Digital Universe

  • Samples:  Three additional audios provide samples of complete teleclass presentations exemplifying different moderating styles and divergent purposes, enabling you to decide on the presentation approach that best suits your personality and goals. 

  • Examples:  Sample documents from a number of different presenters containing promotional web/email/postcard copy, post-enrollment autoresponder copy, pre-class instructions, reminder emails, expert recruitment emails, class handouts, teleclass transcripts, requests for feedback, press releases, and more. 

"Marcia Yudkin is a great teacher and mentor.  I have learned more from her than from anyone else in the marketing business." - Charles Brown, Dallas, TX

  • Resources:  A detailed handout for each lesson containing an outline of the session and the names and contact information for sample teleteaching programs to look at, vendors, software programs, bridge lines, web services, packaging supplies and everything else you might need to get your teleseminar program up and running. 

All of the above comes to you for only $297.  You get lifetime access to this online course (including any future updates), which consists of audios and handouts that you can either listen to and read online or download to your MP3 player, computer, tablet or phone, as you prefer. 


Coaching option adds in presenting or consulting help

You have the option of signing up for an upgraded option that includes personal help from me.  For $200 more ($497 in total), I'll either serve as host or moderator of a one-hour teleclass session for you or give you an hour of one-on-one feedback and advice by phone - your choice.  The moderator service is something I do not offer outside of Teleteach for Profit, and if you need additional emcee-ing, you get it for $200 an hour for six months after your purchase of the course.


How is this program unique?

Numerous components make this program stand out from other ways you can learn how to run teleseminars and webinars:

  • A multitude of business models:  Most how-to-run-a-teleclass instruction assumes you share the business goals and resources of the person sharing their experience.  When this isn't true, much of the advice becomes useless.  Instead of sharing just one person's experience, however successful, Teleteach for Profit gives you more than half a dozen viable business models to learn from.

  • A multitude of teleclass tools:  Likewise, instead of providing samples of signup promotions, pre- or post-call emails and such from one person sharing what worked for them, you get tools and samples from a variety of teleteaching providers. 

  • Vocal and speaking tips:  Delivering content over the phone or the computer requires the ability to hold people's attention in a manner that's pleasant to listen to.  Other teleclass programs don't touch on this at all!  Teleteach for Profit includes an hour of tips from a highly credentialed speech coach on using your voice effectively during teleclasses.

"Marcia Yudkin's Teleteach for Profit is the most comprehensive home-study course I have found on creating and marketing teleseminars of every kind." - Steve Slaunwhite, Author, Start & Run a Copywriting Business

  • Interviewer available:  If you decided to find someone to moderate a telephone session for you or interview you to create an audio product, would you know where to find someone with the needed skills?  With the upgraded version of  Teleteach for Profit, you can have me run a one-hour teleclass or audio session for you (or you get an hour of one-on-one phone consulting with me - your choice).  Reduce your stress if teleclasses are new to you!

  • Publicity tools:  Another program might offhandedly mention a press release as one recommended way to get signups for your teleclass.  Teleteach for Profit shows you four sample press releases to use as models.  No guesswork needed!

  • Sample teleclass recordings:  You're undoubtedly not going to run teleclasses exactly the way I or other experts do it.  So you get three sample teleclass recordings, each illustrating a different style, business model and "on air" personality.

In short, Teleteach for Profit is a comprehensive learning experience, including not only instruction but also the practical tools and support that eliminate any need to figure things out on your own.  This program enables you to get your own comprehensive teleteaching program up and running within months - or even sooner if you decide to start with a one-session teleclass.

"Marcia Yudkin is a marketer whose intelligence, critical reasoning skills and creativity set her apart from the crowd." - Peter Schaible, Director, Subscription Website Publishers Association (SWEPA)

Get started on your teleteaching project now!

The basic version of the online course Teleteach for Profit costs $297, and the coaching version, which give you the basic course PLUS my moderation or consulting help, costs $497.  

Either way, you have a money-back guarantee:  Sign up and complete any one of the five core lessons in the course.  If you're not satisfied, ask for a refund, and you'll receive back everything you paid.


Please let me know if you have questions.  If not, sign up now!



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