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Sample Search Engine Ad Makeover
"After" Versions

Want to generate strong Google or Yahoo ads for testing?  In my experience, people often stick with obvious ways to catch the attention of searchers instead of delving into who the ideal customer is, the reasons he or she is searching and the results he or she hopes to have after their purchase.  

Sometimes a simple approach is indeed best, especially if you sell the same stuff as many other sites.  In that case, you can play the search engine game strictly by the numbers.  Test, test, test!

However, if your products or services differ from what's available elsewhere on the web, an injection of creativity and dynamism pays off. Thinking your way into the mindset of your buyer helps you stand apart from the competition, attract those most likely to snap up what you have to offer and increase the return on investment from your search engine ad.  Again, test, test, test - but now you have more powerful candidates to see how they do.  

Since Google allows you just 25 characters for the headline (including punctuation marks or spaces) and only 35 characters for each of the next two lines, you'll need to count, tinker and tweak to fit your ideas into those limitations.  Before getting to the count, brainstorm ideas along these lines:

  • Who are my different types of customers and what are they each hoping to find at my site?

  • How would my best customers describe what makes my offerings better or different from what they can find elsewhere?

  • What are some specifics that exemplify what the searchers hope to find?

  • How would my best customers describe themselves?

  • What results and benefits do they enjoy after they buy what I sell?

  • What are some unexpected yet appropriate zingers I can use to add freshness to the ad? 

The "Before Version

Decoder Ring Sets 
Biggest selection of decoder rings
$9.95 and up, free shipping

The "After" Versions

The site in question actually sells many different kinds of decoder ring sets, so I generated ads to test by thinking of the different types of buyers and what would thrill them about a decoder set.

Play I Spy With Kids 6+
Durable Decoder Ring Sets Offer
Hours of Educational, Creative Fun

Collectors: 40's Premiums
Captain Midnight decoder badges,
others. Mint condition, ship free

Future FBI Agent at Home?
Decoder ring set makes great gift 
for kid spy or cop wannabe.

Recapture Your Childhood!
Replica Decoder Ring Sets: Get 
nostalgic and bond with grandkids.

Authentic Never-used Sets
Mint condition decoder rings, 
badges from 40's: Fun to collect!

Creating a winning search engine ad campaign involves several other factors along with great ad copy, but imaginative ad text usually helps a lot!

Launch a Profitable Google Ad Campaign

"The Google ads you wrote for me are doing great!  I went from a 1.5% click-through rate to 6.5%." - Pat Emlet, Cross Stitch Art,

If the ads above seem more compelling than the ones you're using, hire me to craft five fresh Google ads for one product or service, for $200.  All the ads I create will pass Google's strict editorial guidelines - or I rewrite those that don't.  

If you have an existing Google ad campaign, show me the ads you've been running so that I am sure to come at the task from different angles.  When giving you the ads, I'll also give you tips on testing and tweaking the ads without spending a fortune.

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