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Recommended Resources for
Publicity & Marketing

No one has paid for a listing on this page. 

Equally, none of the links are here because of "You recommend my site and I'll recommend yours" deals. Why?  Because I believe in offering no-strings-attached, no-hidden-incentives value to Web site visitors. I have personally checked out every resource below and have listed only those that in my judgment are unequivocally worthy of your patronage.  

Media Directories
Comprehensive List of Press Release Distribution Services

Recommended Marketing Resources

Internet Marketing Discussion Lists and Forums

Outstanding Marketing Newsletters 

Media Directories

Alternative Press Online Directory - Jump site for hundreds of leftist, feminist and alternative-lifestyle publications

Business Publications - Designed as a search engine for business content, but also reveals business publications worth targeting for publicity

Columnist Directory - Identify publicity targets here!  Links to more than 700 newspaper and web columnists 

Computer/Internet Media Directory - Links for computer, e-commerce and Internet magazines

Ecola - Jump site for more than 8,400 newspapers and magazines and 1,100 TV stations

ERSys - Dig down into this web site to find local media for thousands of cities and towns in the U.S.

FAIR - Contact info for top TV news shows and newspapers

Financial Media Directory - 200+ sites that report on the world of finance

Kidon Media-Link - Worldwide and multilingual directory for newspapers and more

Magazine Mastheads - Volunteer-run directory of who's who on staff at hundreds of magazines

Magazines Directory - Good coverage of African-American, Latino, Home/Garden, Fitness/Health, Travel and some other niches

MediaPost - Free directory for 13,000 radio, TV and cable stations, 8,000 publications and more

Medical Media List - Links to medical, physician and health Web sites 

Muckrack - Links to major media websites that enable you to zero in on contact information

New England Press Association - New England-based?  Find newspaper editors' email addresses here

New Pages Guide to Alternative Periodicals - Find little-known magazines ranging from Aboriginal Voices to Yoga International

Newslink - Find links here to thousands of newspapers, magazines, radio and TV stations worldwide

Our Community - Australian media contacts, by state/territory

PR Machine - If you're in high tech, this list of national and regional high-tech reporters and editors is a gold mine

Radio-Locator - Hunt for radio station web sites by zip code, city, state, call letters, format or country

State by State Newspapers - Plain and simple links to newspaper web sites by state

Talk Radio Directory - List of radio stations in the U.S., Canada and a few other countries with the news/talk format

Trade Publications - Find hundreds of specialized industry publications here, from ABA Banking Journal to Wireless Week

USNPL - State by state directory of newspapers

World Wide Arts Resources - Jumping-off page for publications in the visual, literary and performing arts

Publicity Services, Free and For-Fee

24-7 Press Release - Invites free posting of press releases, with extra visibility for your news when you "contribute" money

Automated Press Releases - Reasonable prices for industry-specific email distribution of releases

BlackPR - Only $150 to get your release to nearly 350 African-American magazines and newspapers

BlackPRWire - Another service connecting you to African-American media;  more expensive than BlackPR

Book Press Releases - For books published within the last year, reach reviewers, radio, newspapers, magazines, web and bookstore contacts

Business Wire - Efficient vehicle for distributing business-oriented news releases

Canada Newswire - Use this distribution service for news specific to Canada

Causewire - Discounted press release distribution service for news from nonprofit organizations

Clip & Copy - Free clipping service with a scope of more than 300 publications

Contacts on Tap - More than 65,000 media contacts in this database, available for $395 a year

Corporate News - Perfect for high-volume publicists, this service offers one-price, unlimited distribution for 3, 6 or 12 months

CSRWire - Got news about corporate social responsibility?  Membership is $100/year

DPDirectory - For software developers seeking publicity

Easy Media List - Reasonably priced lists of contact information for many specialized media categories, including cities, states and topics

eReleases - Service that delivers your releases to general and targeted media contacts by email

EWorldWire - Dozens of specialized distribution options, including by city, state, region, ethnicity;  to college papers, corporate newsletters;  more

Full Calendar - For only $19.95, get a local event listed at a panoply of media and "what's up" sites;  covers SF Bay, Atlanta, Boston, NYC, more

Gift List Media - If you produce a product worthy of being featured as a holiday gift, this service provides media contacts for such coverage

Glinn Gay News Distribution Service - As the name implies, this service gets your message out to gay and lesbian publications and web sites

Global Newswire - cost-effective distributions to state or metro areas; pricier distributions to industries like banking, biotech, energy, more

Gordon's Radio List - Reasonably priced list of more than 1,000 radio shows that interview authors and other guests

Help a Reporter - Subscribe free here, then receive daily emails from reporters looking for specific kinds of interviewees

HispanicPRWire - If you need to reach Hispanic media in the U.S., use this service

HotProductNews - Releasing a new product?  Submit your press release about it here, free

Industry Pages - Post your press release free on any of 27 specialized portals, from to

Internet News Bureau - Email news release distribution service for web-related material

Keyword Density Checker - Free tool that helps you make sure you're including keywords in the proper proportion in your press releases

LatinoPR - For $125, reach nearly 450 Hispanic magazines and newspapers

LinkageXpress - Service that ethically and thoughtfully solicits links to your site, bringing traffic and increasing your ranking in search engines

LivePressWire - Segments media circuits by country (U.K., U.S., 14 European countries) as well as by topic;  you pay the end of the month

M2 PressWIRE - Europe's largest international press release distribution network;  charges a flat annual fee rather than per release

MarketWire - Excellent regional or national distribution, along with circuits for entertainment, energy, biotech or investment opinion

Market2Editors - Reasonably priced submissions to newspaper editors

Mass Media Distribution - Local distribution package lets you reach media in a city, metro area or state for $199

Media Mailing Lists - Purchase lists for many niche media markets, including New Age, African American, PBS and NPR stations, more

MedicalNewswire - This service gets your release to health care professionals

MyMediaInfo - Subscription access to a database of editorial calendars and/or a database of media contacts

News4Media - Network alerting you to reporter queries in travels, sports, beauty, entertainment, fashion, health, technology, real estate, etc.

One-Line Releases - Twitter-sized news announcements to journalists for $50 and up

Online Press Releases - Sells an inexpensive media database (updated quarterly) that you can use again and again to reach the media

Pressat - For-fee distribution of your release in the UK and Ireland

Pressbox - Post your media releases here for free (yes, FREE!)

Press Flash - Fax distribution of Internet-related stories

Press Release Network - Offers, among other options, distribution to the Top 100 Internet Publications for only $99

Press World - Got computer-related or software-related news? Then this service is what you need

PR Buzz - Unlimited press release distribution about a single company for a very appealing fee

PR Newswire - Like BusinessWire, but geared to distributing releases on general (not business) topics

PR Web - A low-cost distribution site (previously free but no longer)

Public Insight Network - Sign up here at no cost and you might become a source for a public radio reporter

Quality Press Releases - For $10, saves you time by distributing your release to top free press release sites.

Radio Guest List - Free notification of radio/TV shows and podcasts seeking talk show guests like you 

Radio Show Prep Services - Got a timely idea for radio chatter or a quick interview?  Let these services know about it a few days in advance

Radio-TV Interview Report - Crack copywriters help you appeal to talk show producers

ReligionNews - A specialty press release distribution service for news on religion

ReporterConnection - Free service that informs you of media people needing specific sources for their stories

RushPRNews - Options for hitting up Google News only, all daily or weekly newspapers, Hispanic or African-American media or Canadian newspapers

Seeking Media - Get your news into local, regional and national Australian media

Send2Press - Discount distribution service with regional and industry plans starting from $109

SoftPressRelease - Distribution service for software-related news

Software Wire - Send your news through this site to software journalist and online portals

Submit Express - Low-cost reach to specialized publications and web sites

Trade Press PR - Get your release to editors of magazines and sites about industrial topics

Travel News Bureau - Reach travel magazines, newspaper travel section editors and freelance travel journalists for $250

USNPL - Master jump site for free links to newspapers and radio/TV stations in all 50 states

Travel Publicity Leads - Gain access to journalists, producers and authors looking for travel-related stories for articles, radio, TV and books

Webwire - For only $19, your release gets instant placement in Google News

World-Wire - Get your environmental/sustainable development press release to news media outlets around the world

Zvents - Free listing for your performance or other event, or for a restaurant or performance venue

Marketing Resources

5-Star Lists - Recommended list broker if you need to rent mailing lists or want to make extra income from your own

ABC Pictures - Wholesale source of glossy lithographed photos appropriate for media kits

Ad Archives - Useful links for researching ad slogans of the past

AdCracker - Terrific tutorials on the basics of creating ads

Affiliate Marketing Resources - Planning to set up an affiliate program for your site?  Consult these resources first

All About Public Relations - Top-notch, useful articles about all aspects of PR

Article Directories - Frequently updated directory of general and topical article banks to which you can submit articles to increase your traffic

Artist Statements - Want to or have to put what's behind your artistic work into words?  Ariane Goodwin offers perspective and tools on this

ClickZ Network - Hundreds of articles by distinguished online marketing and advertising practitioners

Contact Any Celebrity - Hoping to snag a celebrity spokesperson or to get a book blurb from a famous person?  This site provides their addresses

Create Your Own Newswire - Details on how to get your site's articles or press releases to show up in Google News

Customer Lifetime Value Calculator - Developed by Harvard Business School, a cool plug-in-your-numbers tool

Do the Right Thing - The Direct Marketing Association's guide to ethics in marketing and advertising

Emergence of Advertising in America - Priceless collection of mostly nineteenth-century ads using many of today's marketing techniques

Federal Trade Commission - Learn here what's legally acceptable in advertising from their highly readable reports

Gary Halbert Letter - If you want to make a fortune through direct mail, read everything at this Web site (warning: it contains strong language)

Google Information for Webmasters - Straight from Google's own mouth, how to get your site ranked well on the top search engine

Health Claims - Excellent article on what you can and cannot legally say about the health effects of foods and supplements

Industry Benchmarks - Research an industry's average sales and size;  compare your business to the average and to top performers

Industry Portals - Trying to reach the aerospace, boating, grocery, photonics, wire industry or others?  Start here

Industry Research Resources - Jump page for trends and business valuation data on more than 400 specific industries - More than 800 links to Internet marketing services, tools and information

Internet PR Guide - Useful articles on getting media coverage online

Investor Pitch Guide - Are you marketing to investors?  This three-part article describes what they want you to tell them and how

Link Popularity - Find out not only who's linking to you but also who's linking to competitors

Mailing List Directory - At no cost or obligation, identify mailing lists to which you can market your products or services

Marketing Codes of Ethics - Links to codes of ethics of the Better Business Bureau, American Marketing Association and others

Marketing Law - Easy-to-understand summary of U.S. laws that apply to bloggers and others who communicate and sell online - Sophisticated yet accessible tutorials on everything from uncovering motivations to creating word of mouth - If you're puzzled by newly coined marketing terms like "mousetrapping" or "disintermediation," find definitions here

NewsLibrary - Track your own or a competitor's mentions in newspapers through this service

Nichebot - Free tool for researching which keywords and phrases will bring you search engine traffic

Nonprofit Case Studies - Excellent examples of publicity/social media campaigns for five causes

Nonprofit Communications Toolkit - Detailed "how-to" guidance on communicating your cause to the media, supporters and the public

Office Links - Marketing tools and guidance specifically geared for small businesses

One-Minute Newsletters - Tips for marketing via postcards

Postcard Builder - Create and send out postcards from anywhere to anywhere, on any schedule, in any volume, automatically

Public Relations Hall of Fame - An entertaining look at some famous PR campaigns from the past

Researching an Industry - Step-by-step, comprehensive tutorial on how to bone up on a specific industry

Sales & Marketing Glossary - Baffled by a term of marketing jargon?  Chances are, you'll find its definition here

Sample Campaigns & Documents - Sample publicity materials from online publicity pioneer Steve O'Keefe

SEO Beginner's Guide - Clear, comprehensive introduction to making your site more likely to come up high in search engines 

Spice Up Statistics - Site that helps you find vivid comparisons for dry data points

Stanford Guidelines for Web Credibility - Want people to believe your company really exists and you deliver on promises?  10 guidelines here

Talk Radio - A wealth of talk radio resources, including links to stations, shows, hosts and history

Trendwatching - Entertaining commentary on worldwide marketing trends

The Ultimate Marketing Communications Directory - Marketing resources in 70+ categories, from Account Planning to Word of Mouth

W3 Data - Create or update mailing lists for your marketing, or find out who's already on your list to find more people or businesses like them

We-We Calculator - Find out how well your marketing copy focuses on the customer rather than on you

Web Rings - Gateway/directory for hundreds of thousands of topical circles of links;  web rings are one form of free Internet marketing

White Paper FAQ - Answers top questions about cost, purpose, format and audience of white papers

Wilson Web - Extremely well-organized directory of thousands of articles on every imaginable aspect of Internet marketing

Internet Marketing Discussion Lists and Forums

Interested in interacting with others who have an avid interest in online marketing?  Here are several discussion lists and forums, each with a distinctive focus and tone.  Subscribers to a discussion list receive the comments, questions and replies of other subscribers by email;  a moderator screens contributions to ensure relevance.  With Web-based forums you must visit repeatedly to follow discussions.

Ad/Marketing - Discussion with experienced marketers of strategic and practical questions about online marketing

Copywriting Board - Interact with top-notch web copywriters and eager learners

LED Digest - Relatively sophisticated and well-informed discussions of ecommerce and Internet marketing issues

Tony Blake Board - Great place to get a quick answer to an Internet marketing question from someone who's done it

White Paper Source Forum - Gotta write a white paper and need answers from others who know this medium?  Go here

Free Marketing Newsletters

The Marketing Minute - I'd be remiss in not recommending my own acclaimed free weekly newsletter, always a one-minute read

Marketing Sherpa - Six high-powered, always-interesting newsletters for marketers

Publicity Hound - Joan Stewart provides weekly insights into gaining media attention

Successful Self Employment - Andrea Conway's valuable insights on the spiritual side of attracting business


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