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Learn How to Get Published and 
Make a Living as a Writer

Yes, you can get your work into print and reap the exhilarating rewards!

I'm Marcia Yudkin, author of 17 books, more than 1,000 magazine articles, dozens of audiotapes and CDs, syndicated columnist, public radio commentator and writing coach.  Since 1981 I've been successfully self-employed, with my income totally derived from my mastery of the written word.

Whether you aim to find an agent, launch a freelance writing career or explore entrepreneurial options for writers, you'll find useful advice here.  The articles listed below will open your eyes to profitable, satisfying writing opportunities.  Enjoy!

Articles On Writing and Publishing Books

The Ten Most Common Reasons Book Proposals are Rejected and What These Reasons Really Mean

7 Keys to Getting Book Blurbs

Get Your Book Into the News

Publishing on Demand Changes the Equation of Self-Publishing

Book Publicity Case Study


Published! How to Reach Writing Success


Preparing Your Book Proposal/Manuscript for Submission

The Publicity FAQ:  Questions & Answers about Publicity

Kindle Ebook Publishing: Three Unfortunate Misconceptions

Kindle Publishing: How to Commission a Cover That Helps Sell Your eBook

Kindle Ebook Cover Tips: Avoid Five Common Blunders That Turn Off Buyers

Self-Publishers: Don't Overlook the Profits in Audiobooks!

Articles On Writing for Magazines & Web Sites

The M-Factors:  Qualities that Help You Break Into Major Magazines

Smart Moves for Breaking Into Top Magazines

Become a Travel Writer: See the World and Deduct It as a Business Expense!

Become a Freelance Science Writer Who Easily Gets Assignments

Become a Successful Freelance Business Writer for Magazines

From Writer to Content Provider

Finding Hidden Markets

The Freelance Writing FAQ

You Can Write for Magazines!
Receive personal instruction, feedback and guidance from a coach who wants you to succeed, via two self-paced magazine writing courses:

On Finding Writing Work

Go Entrepreneurial, Writer!

How Writers Can Cash in as Experts

Schmoozing Online with Editors

The Editor/Writer Revolving Door

Are Online "Meet Markets" Little More than Meat Markets?

On the Writing Life

First Aid for Writer's Block, Procrastination and Never-Finish-itis

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What Does It Take to Succeed as a Freelance Copywriter?

Improving Your Writing: Seven Options

Why a Writers' Conference?  And Which One?

You Too Can Sniff Out Scams!

Recommended Resources

Helpful Resources for Freelance Writers

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