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Run Your Business From the Road, the Mountains or the Beach:  Learn All the How-to's From Our Three-Month, 20,000-Mile, Tax-Deductible Trip

Enjoy the Ultimate Freedom!  Take Your Business on the Road for Vacation, Exploration or Necessity

Is extensive travel one of your unfulfilled dreams?

For years, my husband and I had talked about taking a grand tour of the U.S. and Canada, visiting well-known cities and viewing glorious landscapes.  One March 1st, we left in our car to do just that.  Three months later, we returned home having racked up 20,000 miles, having experienced countless adventures and having earned the same as when working at home.

You can do it, too!  My online course, Take Your Business on the Road (completely updated in 2014), covers all the vital preparations you ought to make before leaving home for extended travel or vacation when you intend to continue carrying on your business affairs, as well as keys to connectivity, client relations and comfort while away.  It also discusses on-the-road income streams to consider, including seminars, client meetings, book promotions, blogging, research and focus groups, so your travel brings in money and may qualify as tax deductible.

Hit the Road - Profitably! Got a travel dream you've put off for years while running your business? Learn how to keep revenue flowing in while you're at the beach, visiting far-flung family or doing serious, long-term sightseeing. Avoid money management and communication pitfalls. Discover smart new earning strategies that make your travel legitimately tax-deductible.  Digital Nomad Online Course

Take Your Business on the Road
Online Course

Most of what's out there on managing business travel assumes you stay at big-city hotels and head out equipped with advanced technology.  We visited a number of densely populated areas, but mostly drove on back roads to remote destinations.  

For staying in touch, on our longest trip we relied on an ordinary cell phone and a five-year-old laptop with a plain old modem in it.  And without depriving ourselves in any way whatsoever, we managed very well on a per-diem budget you probably won't believe.  I now use a smartphone and a wifi-equipped netbook computer, but you don't need a boatload of apps to manage your business on the road.

So, get inspired and become equipped for your dream trip, with detailed advice that you won't find anywhere else:

  • How I lined up speaking engagements for the trip, and the kinds of work I accepted and declined for our time on the road, and why
  • Suggestion after suggestion on getting your home, car, laptop, personal affairs and business ready for extended travel
  • Features your car must have to make it home as safely and securely as we did (no, I don't mean a Global Positioning System!)

Fantastic, Inspiring! My Obstacles Melted Away as I Read
"Get this report and save yourself the grief of naive planning. Its like sitting down with Marcia and going over all the fine details of her trip, uncovering the hidden pitfalls of extended business travel - and then getting a "to do" list to help you plan your own trip. The resources alone would take you hours to uncover through research - if you could find them at all. An obstacle I have struggled with for years is now gone, and I am already planning a trip for this spring.  Buy Take Your Business on the Road today. And then plan your extended business trip with confidence!" - Dianne Dawson, Business Development Consultant,

  • Weather factors we overlooked in our planning, and the very best source for up-to-the-hour weather reports on the road up ahead
  • Pros and cons of seven lodging options:  hotels, motels, B&Bs, camping, RVs, vacation rentals and staying with friends, plus advice from someone who habitually freeloads with strangers while traveling
  • Two methods for seeking motel discounts that don't involve any online searches
  • Do you really want a client to call your cell phone while you're on a sightseeing boat?  Learn other options for managing phone contact
  • The low, low amounts we spent, on average, per day on lodging, gas, food and incidentals (I almost didn't share this information, for fear we'd be considered cheapskates, though we're not)
  • Is it time to hire a virtual assistant?  The arrangements I made with mine, and steps I took to safeguard my financial privacy
  • For US readers, rough guidelines for the tax-deductibility of your travels.

An Incredible Resource:  Our Wish Really is Possible!
"My partner and I have been fantasying for some time about taking our business on the road, but have hesitated because we didn't believe it was possible while still making money. Marcia showed me how to see the world while running my business, plus she outlined activities I could do along the way that would earn me even more! 

The intimate details and checklists she shares are invaluable. I never would have thought to downgrade my insurance on the vehicle we leave behind or about remembering to pay my quarterly taxes. The saving from these two tips alone covers the cost of this report! It's amazing how many traveling pitfalls I can now avoid, since I'll know not to repeat some of Marcia's mistakes that she so graciously shares. Thanks, Marcia, for paving the way!"  - Sharron Senter, marketing consultant, cofounder of

  • Two contingencies you must cover so traveling doesn't create irate customers
  • Factors to consider when deciding how to pay for expenses on the road
  • Exercise while traveling!  Five web sites that help you find fitness facilities, pools and running or bike trails throughout North America, and the steps we took for healthy eating on the road.
  • How to avoid having your car broadcast "come burgle me" while you're far from home, and if you publicize your trip, as I did for our first big one, safeguards that help prevent break-ins back home
  • Got kids?  Homeschooling is an option.  Explore links to accounts from families that have done it

Gets You Ready to Live the Dream Life, Profitably!
"There's nothing better than hitting the road, traveling anywhere you like and letting your business run itself. Well, there are some important 'nitty-gritty' answers you need when working away from home. From how to secure your home while you're away to exactly how to get online while you're on the road, this report covers it all. My wife and I travel all the time, and now I can be sure I'm never disconnected from my Internet business even in the furthest reaches of the globe." - Yanik Silver, Author, "Instant Internet Profits"

  • Traveling solo?  Tips for avoiding the just-one-driver blues..
  • Like gadgets?  I suggest some you undoubtedly haven't heard of and tell you which ones we couldn't have done our trip without
  • Why we and our car got searched by customs officials twice while crossing the U.S.-Canadian border  (Your attitude counts)
  • Post-trip hassles we had to disentangle when we returned home
  • How my business on the one hand mostly benefited and on the other hand suffered some temporary damage from our longest trip

Helped Me Turn My Wanderlust into a Wonderful New Life 
"For the last three years, I've been living full-time on the road in an RV, and Marcia, your report is largely what gave me the courage to make the plunge and start living my dream. Thanks for helping me realize I could live my dream and still keep working." - Marty Marsh, Soul Proprietor,

Take Your Business On the Road applies to the following situations and more:

  • Business owners, their trusted lieutenants and anyone who's self-employed
  • Retirees or the semi-retired who want to stay in touch with their business interests
  • Executives, especially those with a yen for travel beyond the reach of cell phones
  • Managers, sales people and contractors heading off to remote locations where hotels with advanced business services aren't an option
  • Any employee worried about withdrawal from voice mail and email when away from the office
  • Families headed by one or two entrepreneurs, with infants or school-age children, who travel during summer vacations or the academic year
  • Professors, teachers or anyone else on a semi-working sabbatical
  • Telecommuters who don't want to be tied down to their home office
  • Hikers, ski bums, beach bunnies and golf nuts who carry on business a few hours a day and the rest of their time have fun
  • Journalists and writers without a company that equips them with satellite phones as well as authors on a book tour
  • Both new and experienced RV'ers and those contemplating renting a recreational vehicle for a long business-and-pleasure trip
  • North Americans touring North America or the rest of the world while working, as well as folks from abroad heading for the U.S. and Canada
  • Travelers who expect luxury as well as those willing to rough it

Some Personal Highlights from Our Three-Month Odyssey
Here are a few "firsts" we experienced during our first big road trip:

  • Road runner birds in New Mexico scurrying across the highway, just like in the cartoons

  • Driving gravel switchbacks up and over a sheer thousand-foot cliff in Utah

  • Three kinds of baby seals along the California coast

  • More than a dozen bald eagles on a remote road on Vancouver Island

  • Avalanche tunnels in the Canadian Rockies

  • Being able to say that Id now visited all 48 mainland states

Inspired now to wonder whether or not a long road trip is feasible for you? Hungry for the details on exactly how we prepared for and handled the challenges involved?  I've hunted for the kind of book or report that would have clued us in to what we needed to think about before we left home.  And there simply isn't any information like this out there.  (Type "business travel" into the search box at and you'll see this for yourself.)

Take Your Business On the Road is an online course, consisting of more than two hours of videos, along with PDF transcripts.  You get instant access, and enjoy a solid money-back guarantee:  Watch any three of the 25 video lessons (or read any three of the transcripts), and if the course is not for you, simply let me know and I'll refund everything you paid for it.

It's only $37.


Bon voyage!

Marcia Yudkin


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