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Turn Words into Money with Copy That Even a Skinflint Can't Resist!

Get a Juicier Return on Investment from Your Marketing With Easy-to-Apply Secrets in This Manual

Whether your wares consist of diamonds or dog food, catering or catastrophe consulting, you'll get a greater return from your marketing when you learn how to use words for maximum credibility, appeal and persuasiveness.  My manual, Secrets of Mouthwatering Marketing Copy, reveals principles for crafting text that forms a bond with readers, earns their trust and causes orders to pour in.

September 2019 special: Buy only the section of this copywriting manual on writing scrumptious bullet points (described below) for $29.95.  It's an instant PDF download. Sorry, the special offer has expired!

Whether you sell to CEOs or hillbillies, the principles in this manual help you write or rewrite sales letters, Web sites, ads, flyers or e-mail appeals so that readers respond in droves.  With checklists, brainstorming tools, step-by-step instructions and a wealth of examples, Secrets of Mouthwatering Marketing Copy divulges ways to jazz up your sales by making your product or service difficult to resist.

Order "Mouthwatering Marketing Copy" now for $69.95.

Excellent Resource for Generating Results, Online or Offline
"This report has incredible depth, and is the perfect complement to my own intuitive style of working.  Marcia
goes through every aspect of copywriting, step by step, leaving no thought, no option and no opportunity unturned.  I would recommend this whether you are just starting out, or have twenty years of experience under your belt." - Nick Usborne, Author, Net Words: Creating High-Impact Online Copy

Like all the testimonials on this site, the customer comments on this page were provided without compensation, incentives or rewards other than, in some cases, a copy of the product.

Applying even a few of these secrets will increase your profits.

Reading here, you've already been experiencing some of the guidelines for layout and language recommended in this unique new copywriting manual.  One of the best things about Secrets of Mouthwatering Marketing Copy is that you'll be able to go back to the text again and again and discover more ways to tweak your copy and add elements that dissolve misgivings and uncertainties in readers.  Its highlights:

  • All about Offers:  Learn why and how to craft a specific offer and how to make it as appealing as possible.
  • Bully for Bullets!  Discover no less than 76 ways to create textual nuggets that make readers hungry to buy.
  • Credibility-boosting Testimonials:  Find out how to avoid near-epidemic mistakes in presenting customer praise, and why you ignore this copy component at your peril.

Incredibly Valuable Substance and Detail
"I was so excited at the depth and wisdom of Marcia's section on 76 ways to add oomph, I wanted to put a highlighter to my computer screen.  Then I was reading her examples saying, "Oh man, this is great, this one's so good, man, whoa." If you can't be helped with 150 plus examples, ask the guy reading over your shoulder to write your mouthwatering copy.

"Marcia's section on how to gather and 'dress up' testimonials struck a chord with me, because in sales training I teach that prospects want to feel that you, the seller, are the safest bet for their company and for that decision-maker's career. Testimonials offer safety in numbers. Others are giving thumbs up to you. The buyer can feel comfortable to do the same.  If you are not a large company with a long, strong reputation, you need Marcia's expertise here!

"I'll be spending the next few late nights re-creating my current copy to Marcia's Mouthwatering Copy. I'm confident I'll quickly sell five more books at my website and get a return on my investment." - Dan Seidman, author, The Death of 20th Century Selling

Offers, bullets and testimonials are three ingredients for nearly any marketing piece that repay your attention many times over. You can significantly improve them even if language and writing are not your forte!  Among the specific items included in this manual...

About offers:

  • Why "here's what I do" sales copy doesn't work well, regardless of your audience
  • Why it's harder than you'd imagine to make an offer clear
  • How something that's perceived as priceless but costs you little can make your offer pull like crazy
  • Why an offer for a free five-dollar bill got no response - yes, $5.00 for the asking, no strings attached!
  • The magic of a deadline, inducing even the worst procrastinators to try their darndest to beat the clock 
  • 22 kinds of offers using pricing, 20 kinds employing bonuses, 8 involving payment terms and 10 kinds of guarantees
  • Why an imaginative name for an offer attracts orders (compare "a full day at our spa" with "Post-Tax Day Pampering")
  • Seven of my most successful or most unusual Marketing Minute offers, with my comments
  • Four tips for testing offers, including why it's essential to try higher prices than you'd imagine people would pay

If I'd Had This When I Launched My $20 Million Business!
"It does not matter what you do for a living, or how you want to make money, you can't do it without the right words, and Marcia tells all in this book.  You will learn how to write powerful copy that will have customers practically begging you to take their money and avoid the mistakes that put people out of business.

"I have been called a 'marketing expert' by many since my copywriting skills led my company to take in revenues of over twenty million dollars.  I can't imagine how much more I could have earned and how much easier it would have been if I'd had Secrets of Mouthwatering Marketing Copy when I started. You'll know everything I know and much more about copywriting from this one book." -Sheila Danzig,

About bullets:

  • Seven steps to turning raw ideas into powerful bullets, with before-and-after examples
  • Three questions to clients and colleagues that can turn up powerful benefits of your service or product (One of these can produce insights as significant as results of expensive market research)
  • Specific examples of putting into words the benefits of product or service features (Test yourself: What's the benefit of a software program being able to conduct a background check on anyone?)
  • The secret to making a high price sound reasonable, or even downright cheap!
  • Six dramatic examples of adding the punch of specifics to bullets 
  • Why copy that gets readers excited needn't involve any undignified hype 
  • As mentioned above, 76 ways to inject life into lackluster bullets - tricks of the trade you won't find anywhere on the Internet or in other copywriting manuals
  • Four crucial questions for making sure your bullets don't land you in trouble or backfire with readers
  • Samples of six different tones appropriate for distinct audiences, along with 14 ingredients producing a high-class or low-class, formal or informal effect
  • A page showing several formatting options for bulleted text not illustrated here

You'll Want to Keep This Close By to Use Again and Again
"Sometimes you hear a book referred to as a 'bible,'  meaning you keep it handy and refer to it again and again.  Marcia Yudkin's 'Secrets of Mouthwatering Marketing Copy' falls into that category.  Her chapter on '76 Ways To Add Oomph' when creating copywriting bullets checklist is worth more than the price of admission alone. It now sits on my desktop as a handy copywriting reference." - Internet Attorney Bob Silber, Publisher, The Bob Silber Letter

About testimonials:

  • The three ingredients necessary for a blurb with selling power - someone's quoted words, the identity of that person and...?
  • Five damaging myths about testimonials and why you should turn your back on them
  • Eight ways to get more testimonials than you'd ever need (A Marketing Minute subscriber got a smile - and a quote - out of me by using one of these tactics last week)
  • Why I'm not convinced putting words into the mouths of clients is a wise idea, even with their permission
  • The truth about getting impressive blurbs from world-famous public figures
  • When editing of people's actual words is essential, along with all the do's and don'ts necessary to handle this responsibly
  • Eight makeovers of testimonials found on the Web, each with the "before" quote, analysis of its problems and an "after" rewrite
  • What to look for in your collection of testimonials to avoid giving the wrong impression about what you do, how you do it or who you work for
  • Options for presenting blurbs on paper or on the Web persuasively and attractively
  • A warning about one pitfall of testimonials, less relevant to Web sites than to printed items

Learned How to Write Mouthwatering Testimonials
"In one hour, Secrets of Mouthwatering Marketing Copy gave me the insights I needed for effective self-promotion. I was already a published freelance travel writer, and I knew good copy when I saw it. Now, with an occasional refreshing dip back into this comprehensive report, I'll know how to create my own marketing copy and get it right every time." - Mike Kingdom-Hockings,


  • A 64-item copywriting checklist that ensures that you've taken every conceivable opportunity to adjust and improve your text for greatest impact
  • More than two dozen recommended copywriting articles on the Web where you can read more after finishing this manual

Skeptical, conservative marketers hoping to prove that a plain recitation of the facts sells best have tested basic, boring copy against a more dramatic presentation of their offering.  Yup, the latter wins, invariably.  Secrets of Mouthwatering Marketing Copy enables you to enjoy such improved revenues for a tiny fraction of the cost of hiring a skillful copywriter.  Once you learn these techniques, you can use them again and again, in more and more effective ways, for higher profits.

You Get Your Money's Worth Here
"Most ebooks shouting their value to buyers are filled with big colorful text and lots of white space so the author can rationalize a $397 price point. You buy a 400 page ebook and soon realize that you actually have 40 pages on your computer. Marcia Yudkin's ebook is 100+ real pages of readable, usable text - no pictures, no colors beyond the title page, and no bulging blank spaces. This is the real thing." - Dan Seidman, author, The Death of 20th Century Selling

Wait - you also get two valuable bonuses...

You'll also receive, bundled with Secrets of Mouthwatering Marketing Copy, two items that I have not previously made available in this format. The first free bonus is an article called "The Top Ten Brochure Blunders - And How to Avoid Them."  Find out why you have probably wasted your brochure's front cover by using it for something with no marketing oomph whatsoever.

Your second free bonus is an article called "The Top Ten Web Site Blunders," based on my official judging of hundreds of sites for two international award programs as well as my site reviews for clients.  Do you know when and why being cute on your web site is deadly?

The two bonuses and the manual itself come to you in one PDF (Adobe Acrobat) download - 90 pages packed with copywriting tools, examples and trade secrets, followed by 11 pages of the two bonus reports.  

Praise From a Peer
"I have been studying sales, advertising, and persuasion all my life, and I have never read a more articulate, easy-to-follow plan for turning prospects into customers with compelling ad copy. Marcia presents an entirely new approach to creating the offer, which is the most important part of any sales piece. And her section on writing power-packed bullets is brilliant.  I guarantee I'll make money with this information!" - Jonathan Mizel, president, CyberWave Media

How to order your copy

OK, OK, I know you're itching to order.  Secrets of Mouthwatering Marketing Copy (which includes the two free bonuses) is just $69.95.   Your satisfaction is guaranteed.  Read the manual, study it and if for any reason you're not convinced you'll earn many times its cost by applying its lessons, then please let me know and I'll refund your purchase price in full.

If you encounter any problems with your purchase, simply email me and I'll straighten things out.  

Order Secrets of Mouthwatering Marketing Copy


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