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Lead Generation Made Easy: Discover How to Target and Attract Prospective Clients by Mail

Despite the accessibility and low cost of email and the Internet, postal mail remains a lucrative vehicle for reaching customers who need what you sell.  Find out how to execute a successful lead-generating letter campaign step by step.

While fewer people read and pay attention to offers coming in by email now than three years ago, readership of postal mail has risen in the same time period.  According to a survey by Vertis Customer Focus, the top three reasons that recipients eagerly open direct mail pieces are:

  • The timing is right.

  • The package looks interesting.

  • They're anticipating a special offer or discount.

After recipients open your mail, if they feel that it speaks to their needs and concerns and they see a reason to take an action you're suggesting now, they respond.  Then you have an opportunity to close the sale or to follow up with them until they're ready to buy.

In short, lead generation through postal mail transforms a universe of strangers into a manageable group of known prospects for your business, whom you can turn into customers over time.  Your letter begins the process of generating loyal clients and creating "true fans."

Riveting, Response-Inspiring Letters are Rare 

If you're like me, most of the lead-generation letters you have received by mail are either self-centered "Hello, I exist, I want your business" messages or formulaic offers that sound like they were written by a half-dead committee in a dungeon somewhere.  So before you get going on your own campaign, it's vital to have models of effective lead-generating letters and to understand the strategies on which they are based.

My manual, 10 Steps to a Lucrative Lead-Generating Letter Campaign, gives you ten sample letters from a wide range of service businesses - see the list to the right.  It also breaks down the process of creating your own successful lead-generating campaign into 10 easy-to-follow steps.

Some of the lead-generation strategies illustrated in the 10 letters are standard ones proven over and over again to work, while other more creative strategies that are relatively specific to the business involved will get your mind whirring on how to apply the idea to your target market and your goals.

Industries included in the sample sales letters:

  • Web developer

  • Bookkeeping service

  • Consulting company

  • Financial services firm

  • Landscaping company

  • Accounting firm

  • Employee benefits provider

  • Massage therapist

  • Martial arts studio

  • Business coach

Order your copy now.

Some Problems to Solve and Goals to Reach with Letters

The business situations prompting the sample letters in 10 Steps to a Lucrative Lead-Generating Letter Campaign cover a large span of circumstances and opportunities, including these:

  • As a new member of the Chamber of Commerce, you can send one letter free to other members.  How can you best use this chance?

  • You'd like to expand service into a specific geographical area where you have few customers.

  • It would be nice (and smart) to convince existing customers to refer their friends and family members.

  • You provide a service to children and need to attract and reassure their parents first.

  • Once companies try your service, they're hooked, so how to persuade them to give you a try in the first place?

  • You'd like prospective customers who may or may not think they need your services to check out your web site.

  • It's tough to convince organizations who already have a vendor to give you the time of day, much less an appointment.

  • You're seeking bright, ambitious professionals who aren't happy with their current employer to join your firm instead.

All the sample letters use clear, magnetic wording and proven letter-writing structures to make their case.  They easily serve as models because the accompanying commentary points out particular elements, such as a headline, opening, offer or "P.S.," and explains why they were crafted the way they were.  

Download two free sample letters here.

Save hundreds of dollars off the cost of commissioning a custom-written letter by buying 10 Steps to a Lucrative Lead-Generating Letter Campaign for only $39.95.  It's 40 pages, an instant download in PDF (Adobe Acrobat Reader) format.  You'll want to print it out and keep the 10 steps and the 10 samples on your desk as you create your own profitable letter-writing campaign.

Marcia's new letter quickly brought me clients
"After I followed all of your recommendations for improving my sales letter, I've already gotten two new clients (and the possibility of a third) from mailing out 30 letters. Tell your potential clients to call me and I'll rave about you - thanks!" - Charles Markham, Principal, Markham & Company, Norwell, MA

Like all the testimonials on this site, the customer comments on this page were provided without compensation, incentives or rewards.

As with all the downloadable reports sold from this web site, it's covered by an unconditional money-back guarantee.  If you don't find it helpful, for whatever reason, simply request and receive a refund.

Prospective customers who don't know about you or don't realize you're the superior choice are just this moment thinking about giving their money to your competitors.  So the time is right to get cracking on attracting them to you.  It's easy when you follow the steps and use the models in 10 Steps to a Lucrative Lead-Generating Letter Campaign!  

Order your copy now for $39.95.


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