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Learn to Play With Words... Profitably
Techniques That Tilt Readers Into Buying

Words can convey messages and persuade without much sass or sparkle.

But words can also prance across the page and ignite the imagination of a potential buyer.

Learn to put a smile (and never a snort) on the face of your reader as you describe a product, service, event or experience, slowing them down to pause and consider what you're selling, instead of scampering off. 

Hone your instincts on what works and why with my discussion of 20 creative wordsmithing tactics and commentary on more than 200 ripped-from-the-Internet examples.  Whether you've always loved to play with words or you've feared tossing any creative pebble into your prose, "Jazzed With Pizzazz" is for you.  Order "Jazzed With Pizzazz" (a PDF report) for $39.95.  

I'm Marcia Yudkin, a word fanatic from childhood who grew up to notice and collect samples of creative language used in the world of commerce.  It's my pleasure to share what I've observed and learned about this with aspiring as well as accomplished marketers.

There's no other copywriting resource like this.  (I've looked.)  You learn loads when you see how smart, inventive business writers have pitched everything from food to anti-surveillance services - and how clumsy wordwrights have botched the process.

Among the valuable pointers discussed in this one-of-a-kind resource:

  • What kinds of words provoke the right kinds of surprise, and why

  • The crucial twist that distinguishes effective exaggeration from hype

  • When clichés can communicate rather than bore the reader

  • Why punny can be sunny and rhyme can chime - or not

  • The trick for using delay that comedians and humor lovers know

  • How to harness emotions other than fear or contempt

  • When a bissel of étrangerie helps rather than hurts

  • What distinguishes clever from cloddish comparisons

  • Three terrific types of sensory evocation

  • Two techniques you've seen at work in many of these bullet points

  • And much more

Each principle comes with one, two, three or more examples so you can see it used in reference to actual products or services.  For instance:

"You don’t need to lose your voice and your values on the way to the bank."

"Gear should be tougher on the cold—and easier on the planet."

“If Marketing were a Hamburger, Copywriting would be the Bread.”

Did you notice that one or two of those snippets were elegant and one or two of them confusing and clunky?  And do you know why?  And do you know how to create worthwhile exemplars of your own?  You'll feel confident about all that after reading "Jazzed With Pizzazz."  Order the PDF report for $39.95 now.

Want Even Greater Mastery?

"Jazzed With Pizzazz," the PDF report, is included as a complimentary bonus item in my on-demand video course of the same name.  For $97, experience an interactive journey as I explain on video the same 20 techniques with more than 200 totally different examples.  At the end, you'll test yourself (with my answers and commentary) to see how well you understand the principles discussed. 

After viewing the online course and studying the PDF report that comes with the course, you'll have encountered well over 400 real-world examples of creative copywriting - some excellent, a few so-so and others terrible.  For maximum learning, sign up for the video course.

Other copywriting teachers make your brain work hard with ancient Greek terms for the techniques like metonymy, pleonasm and hypophora.  Or they leave you scratching your head to understand how to market your underwater pens or mindfulness app by following highbrow examples from poets and novelists.

In both my report and my video course, the passages analyzed come from contemporary marketers, promoting everything from jackets and gift boxes to diet plans and adventure tours.  More than a hundred hours of searching, spread out over years, built my collection of teach-worthy examples.  All are analyzed unsparingly and helpfully, without academic jargon.

To recap, you can buy just the written report for $39.95, or the online course (which includes that report) for $97.  You know your learning style best, but I would certainly want the advantage of double the examples and double the insight!

Enroll in the online course.

Get just the PDF report.



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