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Surprising Insights on Introverts in Today's Society

Do you enjoy being alone?  Prefer keeping your personal life to yourself?  Hate small talk?  Wish the people you do business with would stop yakking and get to the point?

If so, you may have been sold a bunch of malarkey when it comes to bringing in customers.  Contrary to the stereotype in our culture, introverts can excel at marketing.

I'm perfect proof.  Put me at a cocktail party - or even a family gathering - and I'll be busy thinking up a creative excuse for slipping out the door. 

Yet I've successfully spoken to numerous national conventions, delivered commentaries on National Public Radio and composed a popular YouTube video about my lifestyle.  I have had tens of thousands of people following me, buying my products, recommending me to friends and becoming clients.

How can this be?  How can you remain true to your preferences and become an ace marketer?  And how can you put into perspective the many myths and misunderstandings our culture has about introverts?

News flash: The Philadelphia Inquirer featured me as an expert on marketing for introverts. 

Inform Yourself - and Join the Conversation

Introvert UpThink is a free newsletter that explores ways in which those who live on the quiet side of life are misconstrued and denigrated in North America - yet thrive all the same.  Paying subscribers not only get the free newsletter but also can participate in discussions about a novel or nonfiction book of the month related to introverts.

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