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New group forming for January 2018
Adjust Your Marketing So It Suits You:
A Get-Moving Coaching Group for Introverts

You know you're an introvert, and you understand that much mainline marketing advice is geared to the social-butterfly crowd, not you.  However, you haven't yet implemented changes in your marketing methods and personal branding.

Now is your opportunity.

The Innies Action Group is a short-term, low-priced coaching group that gets you started figuring out the "so what" for you of being an introvert in business.  You get moving on claiming your distinctive personality strengths and talents (Yes, every introvert has those!), stopping efforts that don't suit you in favor of a fresh set of marketing to-do's and implementing changes in how you describe yourself and your offerings.   

For just $297, you benefit from the following:

  • My Marketing for Introverts ebook, audiobook and online course (These are print, audio and video versions of the same material, so you can choose the format(s) you prefer.)

  • Marketing in Tune With Your Personality, a PDF report that ties marketing preferences to personality types and includes eye-opening case studies of marketing solutions for introverts

  • Four self-discovery homework assignments, which help you apply general perspectives to your unique situation in a practical fashion, centered on these themes:

    1. Claiming your introvert strengths and talents

    2. Communicating your unique offerings, values and personality in a way that attracts the clients you most want to work with

    3. Identifying marketing methods that suit you and rejecting those that do not

    4. Creating a manageable mini-marketing plan for the next 6 months

  • Four live group coaching sessions via telephone (Don't worry if you miss one or more sessions - each one will be recorded, only for those in the group.  In addition, we have local call-in numbers for more than two dozen countries.) at the following dates and times:

Wednesdays, January 10, 17, 24, 31 at 7 p.m. Eastern / 4 p.m. Pacific time

Convert that to your time zone

  • During all of January, membership in a private, password-protected online forum for exchanging ideas and receiving feedback, support, encouragement, answers to questions and suggestions on your marketing-for-introverts turnaround 

Throughout, we emphasize personal insights and implementation.  Even if you're not big on class participation, you'll find that the structure of assignments/discussion/decisions gets you focused and mobilized for practical action. 

Also, hearing and seeing other people tailoring their marketing for their preferences energizes you to figure out what to do yourself.

As you may know, I (Marcia Yudkin) have been exploring, conducting surveys, writing, coaching and teaching on the topic of Marketing for Introverts since 2011.  Read more about me here if you don't feel you know me.

My approach involves no hype, no "musts" and no standard answers.  I help you find your empowering, comfortable, personalized path to success.

"Marcia's class was refreshing. It felt great to discover that I don't have to market in an extroverted way that makes me cringe. She gave us lots of ideas that we can do that fit our own unique personalities." - Sally Strackbein, Chief Story Finder,

"This class taught me to honor my introvert self and to re-frame my personality and work approach in a positive way. I've changed my marketing blurbs because of what I learned, and I'm happily ignoring the hype from the marketing chatterati. Thanks, Marcia!" - Alex Carter, Leadership Coach

Introverts in a Group? Really?

Although the idea of a group for introverts may seem contradictory, it makes total sense.  Introverts actually thrive in certain learning environments, as I've observed for years.  The Innies Action Group is set up in an introvert-friendly fashion.

  • The group is small - no more than 10 people - so you feel more at ease sharing experiences and asking questions.

  • In the private forum, you can participate incognito or with just a nickname, if that feels best to you.  

  • Participation during the coaching calls is on a first-names-only basis.  This tempers the tendency to feel exposed or vulnerable.

  • Nothing you say or write as part of the course becomes accessible to outsiders, ever.

"Because of the time difference between the USA and New Zealand, where I live, I participated in this program by listening to the recordings of the coaching calls and posting on the group discussion board. I soon felt quite bonded to the other group members. The course gave me the courage to ask to be a guest blogger and hopefully one of my articles will be published soon. I also found Marcia's book recommendations, links and personal feedback quite useful." - Diana Bird, Wings Dog Training,

Is It for You?

To get the most out of this program, you should be both an introvert and a business owner, entrepreneur, freelancer or self-employed professional.  You should also feel dissatisfied or frustrated with conventional marketing advice.  However, no one will check up on you to make sure you fit that profile.  If you strongly feel it's for you, sign up below!

"I learnt a lot from the discussions and live sessions in this course, which made Marcia's points come to life. The homework assignments got me to actually use the information we were covering. Thank you for an enjoyable course!" - Jane Liddelow, Image Consultant, Style Makeover HQ, Australia

Your 100% Risk-Free Guarantee

Because I'm so confident you'll experience high value from the Innies Action Group, I'm running it with a rock-solid, money-back guarantee.  

Download the course material or sign on to the video course, and if you don't feel in tune with my approach or don't feel it would help you to explore these themes further, simply ask for and receive a refund.  This guarantee is valid up through January 3, prior to the start of the first telephone coaching session.  After that, there are no refunds. 

"If you're an introvert who's floundering in your business, Marcia's class will help you find your footing. She's encouraging by telling us it's OK to be an introvert and how our quiet strengths allow us to succeed and thrive in any setting - professional and personal. But this isn't a pep-talk type of class. Marcia gives us practical information and tips that help us shine and build our confidence so that we will succeed beyond our expectations. Her class is excellent -
worth every penny!" - Cheryl Landes, Technical Writer,

Join the Upcoming Innies Action Group

As I refine this program in accordance with participant feedback, I will probably raise the price.  So don't wait.  Currently it's $297. 

If it's time for you to reach for success while respecting your natural tendencies instead of other people's "shoulds," then sign up now.  You get immediate access to all the course materials.  Let me know if you have any questions! 

But if you are raring to go sign up here:



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