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Private Coaching Sparks Insights and Action
Confused? Directionless? Get Focused & Moving

If you feel stuck, discouraged, frustrated or unsure about where to take your business, coaching gets you on track.

Focus Pocus is a short-term, one-on-one coaching program that helps you clarify what you're trying to achieve and identifies specific steps for you to take (and others not to bother with) to reach your goal.

The Benefits of Coaching

When you're lost in the forest, a hand squeezing yours in support and a light shining on neighborhood signposts can mean everything.  Imagine the relief when you stop going around in circles and realize that you were never as far away from success as you believed.

Through questions and dialogue, I help you clear away the fog, determine where to head next, strategize the tactics that will get you there and maintain momentum.  You feel energized, empowered and excited instead of bewildered or defeated.

See quotes from past coaching clients.

Who Do I Help?

It's best if you fit one of the following categories:

  • Business owner, entrepreneur, freelancer or self-employed professional

  • Employee who is fully in charge of marketing or business development

I do not accept clients where my fee is being paid by a friend or family member.  However, it's fine if the coaching is being paid for by a grant or government program.  

Everything you tell me during coaching is confidential.

How Much?

Focus Pocus costs $750 for three one-hour phone or Skype coaching sessions, each of which ends with next steps for you to take, along with quick email exchanges between sessions, if needed, to address issues that may be keeping you from making progress.

For many clients, just three coaching sessions are enough to create momentum in the right direction.  Anyone who needs more guidance can either sign up again on the same terms or work out a customized follow-on coaching plan with me.

Your Guarantee

This program includes a bailout clause in case you make the commitment to proceed, then realize it's not what you expected or what you need.  

Simply sign up and pay the enrollment fee.  Then, up to a half-hour into your first consultation, if you dislike our interaction or my coaching style, or you don't feel you are going to receive value from the coaching, just let me know and I will refund everything you paid.  Otherwise, your enrollment fee is nonrefundable.

Please note that I don't guarantee instant wealth from my coaching.  I do promise you'll get a renewed sense of direction and sound business advice tailored to your values, working style and goals.  Success becomes far easier when you're headed exactly where you want to go.

How to Sign Up

If you're ready for coaching, sign up by paying a $100 deposit below and also sending me an email introducing yourself and describing your situation and goals.  I will return your deposit promptly if I am not the right person to help you.  Otherwise, we'll discuss scheduling of your coaching sessions and I'll let you know how to pay the remaining $650.

I look forward to working with you!

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