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Imagine Being Able to Get Exactly as Much Publicity as You Need or Want!

Crook your finger and watch the media come running.

Well, I left out a few steps in the middle of that formula, but the central idea there nevertheless has validity.  When you know how to pitch yourself, your company, your organization or your cause, reporters and producers come running.  And when you understand newsworthiness at a deep, deep level, you are able to generate publicity on demand.

More cost-effectively than any competing technique, media coverage builds your credibility, spreads awareness of your offerings or your message, and pulls in sales.  

Learn the Secrets of Newsworthiness

The difference between a publicity yawner and something that makes the media reach for the phone can be as subtle as the distinction between a rock and the pet rock, between yo-yo dieting and the claim that yo-yo dieting can be health-promoting.

When you understand what editors and reporters consider news, you have the power to take something ordinary and boring and get it written about and talked about with excitement and verve.  You'll be like the master chef who can take any random hodgepodge of ingredients and whip them up into a scrumptious feast.

If you think that the average public relations professional understands the deep secrets of newsworthiness, you'd be wrong.  Most PR practitioners have a repertoire of just four or five routines they use over and over again.  And if you think that someone who seems to have a knack for getting media coverage knows even a tenth of these secrets, you'd be just as wrong.

In my training course, Deep Publicity, you'll hear best-selling author Joe Vitale exclaim repeatedly while interviewing me that he was hearing ideas he'd never encountered before.  He was thunderstruck by the ease with which I took situations invented by him on the spot and spun them into promising publicity angles.

My performance wasn't magic, though, and it didn't come from some inborn talent.  Rather, since the days of my first freelance writing successes in the early 1980s (The New York Times, Yankee Magazine, Psychology Today, and on and on), I've made a serious study of what makes people in the publishing and broadcast worlds pay attention.  Deep Publicity passes that knowledge on to you.

Publicity Principles Clicked Into Place for This Marketing Pro
"I recently purchased Marcia Yudkin's Deep Publicity course, and was very pleased.  After listening to just the first few CD's, I have no less than 6 pages of notes - and I'm a veteran entrepreneur and seasoned marketer.

"I am also not new to press release systems - I own at least two of them.

"But Marcia made press release ideas very simple to grasp.  Often it's hard to look at your business as an outsider.  But with Deep Publicity, there are enough tangible, easy to apply 'hooks' and strategies that for the first time, I feel extremely confident I will be able to generate interest and curiosity about my book and my newsletter.

"Marcia is also a first-class person and a very qualified expert, who doesn't waste time or fill up space with puffery and hyperbole.  She gets right to it in an accessible and humble way, and is concerned with giving you value.  Which, in today's day and age, is somewhat of a rarity.  But a very pleasant one, of course.

"Get Deep Publicity now, you'll benefit from it for years to come."

Craig Garber,, Lutz, Florida

Like all the testimonials on this site, the customer comments on this page were provided without compensation, incentives or rewards.

Harness the Power of Publicity for a Priceless Payoff

Interested in non-stop newsworthiness?  By listening first to explanations of key publicity principles and then to how they apply to real situations, you'll have a teaching and brainstorming tool worth turning to again and again for ideas.

Deep Publicity goes way below the surface of techniques and tools for approaching the media to what reporters, editors and producers are constantly looking for.  When you understand how to help them do their job - namely, filling up their media outlet with compelling, relevant information - then you soon get the hang of taking the barest of facts and suiting them up so the media grab them and feature them.

When you help the media create mesmerizing news and entertainment, they spread the word about your product, service, event or cause.  Both sides win.

In a recession, publicity can get you noticed more easily and cost-effectively than other marketing efforts, because so many organizations slash their PR budget when cash flow is tight.  Media people still need to fill up their pages and air space, which means opportunity for publicity seekers who are on the case. 

The principles conveyed in the course also carry over to a new mastery of how to create messages for Twitter, your blog, comments on others' blogs, letters to the editor, guest blogs posts, YouTube videos and podcasts that followers and fans are eager to spread around.

Accordingly, here are a few of the secrets of newsworthiness explained and illustrated in Deep Publicity:

  • A simple technique for creating controversy - or dozens of controversies - that media folks find tantalizing

  • How to turn a seminar handout, an email reply to a client, questions that your web visitors ask or notes for an unpublished article into publicity

  • Three painless ways to get newspaper coverage without writing a news release

  • Why seasonal and holiday tie-ins work, and the tool for getting them off the ground

She Definitely Knows How to Get Results
"Marcia Yudkin wrote two press releases for us. Within days of the initial one, eBoard was featured in several newspapers nationwide and our traffic showed a noticeable increase. During the next month we appeared in dozens of other publications and were featured in a nationally syndicated piece for NBC TV affiliates nationwide. The second press release had the same effect, with a syndicated piece in the Chicago Tribune and other newspapers all over the country." - Gordon Brott, President,

  • The four-letter word the media love to say and the best way to headline something involving it

  • How to gather information that the media will want to feature as coming from you

  • Why choosing someone to honor puts you in the spotlight

  • A staple of women's magazines that you can profitably create for other media outlets, too

  • Six ways that seeking publicity can be fun (not work!) for everyone involved

  • How to generate timely yet original angles by reading national, metropolitan and local papers

  • Creating publicity-worthy products, in formats that the media will love to show off on TV and in magazines

  • Which seemingly insignificant ingredients of your pitch actually make a yes/no difference when going after local media coverage

  • The power of behind-the-scenes stories for getting media coverage

  • Specific ways to identify and capitalize on trends

  • Getting grassroots publicity through YouTube - and one way not to make videos

  • How to highlight and interest the media in your talents and professional strengths

  • Two smart ways to leverage for free publicity the magazines you already read

  • Strategies for becoming a source of interview quotes for reporters and columnists

Got 24% More PR Pickups Following the Advice in This Course
"Listen in as Marcia goes over every detail of specifically how to write a press release, exactly what to include, what not to include, insider tricks she's learned and the things that really tick reporters off.  I have several pages of notes from the 10+ hours of audio training I received.  My release written after finishing the Deep Publicity course turned out better than ones I'd written before.  Whether you're a newbie or a copywriter with 20+ years of experience, like me, you'll find lots of worthwhile information in this product." - Karon Thackston, President,, SEO copywriting specialist

  • Keys to writing headlines that get press and broadcast people to pay attention

  • The dual audience for every news release - and which audience needs to be firmly in your mind while writing

  • How to greatly improve the odds of the media including your contact information in their story

  • For authors, entrepreneurs, social activists and companies of any size, how to pull "the real news" to the forefront

In short, the course shares the secrets of creating a never-ending list of newsworthy angles, then parlaying those into media coverage.  You'll know how to be relevant, attention-getting, snappy and quotable.

For your convenience, Deep Publicity is now delivered online, and mainly as 11 audio files, each 50-60 minutes long.  You can access the course immediately and either listen and read online, or you can download the audios to your MP3 player, smartphone, tablet or computer.

Deep Publicity = Endless Publicity Opportunities

The first valuable publicity tool you receive as part of the Deep Publicity course is a PDF copy of the third edition of my 6 Steps to Free Publicity book, published by Career Press.  Just about every day I receive another email from someone who used the ideas, techniques and advisories in this book to shine in the media spotlight.  It's an entertaining tour of dozens of ways people like you have achieved local, national or international publicity, and it contains all the basics about how to contact the media with your message.

Second, you receive seven one-hour audios in which I discuss a very wide range of methods of getting media attention.  Admission charge for those six interactive sessions, hosted by top publicity and marketing colleagues, including Joe Vitale (author of The Attractor Factor and a gazillion other books), "Publicity Hound" Joan Stewart, Law of Attraction coach Andrea Conway, booklet publishing expert Paulette Ensign, women's ministry mentor Marnie Swedberg and real estate marketing specialist Kathy Goughenour, averaged $35.95 each.

These are supplemented by two additional lively, informative audio sessions on publicity methods that I hosted myself.

Boost Your Odds of Media Coverage
Discover how to generate dozens of ideas that reporters, broadcasters - and your prospective customers - love. Inject dynamism, relevance and surprise into your media pitches.

Learn how to distill your message so it captures attention right away, then bolster your credibility and eliminate factors that turn off editors and producers. Publicity success course.

Learn to create nonstop newsworthiness

Deep Publicity Course

Third, you get three audio sessions in which I brainstormed with participants on specific publicity opportunities for themselves or their company.  Listening to these sparks ideas and helps you further understand and apply the principles of newsworthiness.  In all, there are about 12 hours of audio instruction and inspiration for you.

Sign up for Deep Publicity now for just $197.


Your purchase of the course comes with a money-back guarantee: Consume any two of the 12 audio sessions, and if you are not happy, simply let me know and I will refund everything you paid for the course.

Kudos From Brainstorming Sessions

Invigorating, Validating and a Terrific Reality Check 
"I gave Marcia a sketchy idea for my business, and she grasped the concept and its value right away.  What a valuable opportunity - to be able to check the merit of a project at the idea stage, then plan the publicity angle ahead of time!  The instant payback was hearing what is newsworthy and what isn't, because it's hard to see this when you deal with something every day." - Joanne Masterson, Web Designer and Owner, BlueJProjects

A Helpful Brainstorming Session That Gave Me Lots to Work With
"Marcia, your creativity is amazing!  I love how you can take somewhat uninteresting topics and turn them into really attention- grabbing ideas. Two of the ideas you came up with for me were especially good, and most of the recommendations you gave to the other clients on our brainstorming call could be tweaked and turned around for my stuff, too.  Thank you." - Julie Hood, Internet Marketing Strategist

Marcia's Suggestions Gave Me a Bonanza of Valuable Ideas
"Not only did I get ideas on how to publicize my latest product, but also on how to market it in general and who my target audience is.  I even got an idea for another business based on something Marcia recommended to someone else on the call.  Absolutely an excellent learning session." - Kathy Goughenour,

Brainstorming Help was Beneficial and Enjoyable
"Marcia's off-the-cuff ideas for my business expanded my thinking about marketing possibilities, and it was just as interesting to think how I could relate some of her suggestions for the others to my business as well.  It will take me a while to work through the number of ideas I got on the brainstorming call!" - Jan Schochet, Chapel Hill & Asheville, NC

Again, to sign up for the course click here:



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