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Got Articles? Convert Them into Press Releases
For a Second Round of Business Visibility

Re-deploy your article content, which you undoubtedly created in the first place for the sake of publicity, for a profitable second round of publicity from newswires, news sites and news media.  Attract more attention from your target market and more potential customers clicking to your web site from search engines.

My downloadable report, "Convert Your Articles to News Releases," teaches you step by step how to reuse the ideas you originally packaged in articles or newsletter items in a respectable press release that you can now distribute through press release distribution services.

Got a Quick, Easy Payoff Using This Articles-to-Release Strategy
"Using the guidelines in Marcia's report, it took me less than 15 minutes to turn tips I had previously written into a press release.  Then I had Marcia send out the release through her distribution service.  I had a spike in traffic to my site when the release went out and a week later I had another big spike. 

"The release appeared on sites for the Boston Globe, the San Francisco Chronicle, Fox News, CBS, ABC, UPI, and many others. Good stuff! I'm getting ready to do a second release now, of course." - Caroline Grimm, Author of Stop the Cash Flow Roller Coaster, I Want to Get Off!

Like all the testimonials on this site, the customer comments on this page were provided without compensation, incentives or rewards.

To be honest, even the people I know who are highly publicity savvy don't pursue media coverage as often or as effectively as they could.  Why?  It usually takes thinking and effort.  But now if you have gobs of content already created, my article conversion process makes it easy to leverage that into visibility, credibility and traffic.

After reading "Convert Your Articles to News Releases," you'll know:

  • The three crucial elements that characterize releases that have credibility in the eyes of the media.  Indeed, miss any one of these three elements and the distribution services often refuse your submission, even though you're ready to pay them good money!

  • The top ten publicity angles to use when converting an article that might have been written a few years back into something that will come across as newsworthy now.  Each angle comes with numerous specific tips for using it wisely, including elements that need to be in the headline, first paragraph, inner contents and final paragraph of that type of release.

  • An eight-step process for converting your article to a press release.  This really takes the mystery out of what might otherwise be a baffling transformation.

Order "Convert Your Articles to News Releases" Now for $29.95

  • The complete text of four articles and the four press releases that I converted them into, each illustrating a different sort of publicity angle.  Print out these "before" and "after" versions, place them side by side and study the differences between the article and the corresponding release, and you'll quickly understand how to perform such a transformation yourself.

  • A ten-point checklist to use after you have drafted your release, to make sure you've covered all your bases in creating a press release that can accomplish your goal.

  • The two worst - self-sabotaging, really! - mistakes you can make in a press release and the fail-safe methods for preventing those flubs.

Order "Convert Your Articles to News Releases" Now for $29.95

  • Tips for optimal timing for your release, based on my decades of experience in the publicity business.

  • The web address for a frequently updated list of more than 40 different general and specialized press release distribution services, with notes on the strong points of each.

  • Three services for tracking media pickups, including a free service that's not as widely used as it should be.

"Convert Your Articles to News Releases" is 31 pages, an instant download in PDF format, just $29.95.  You won't find such comprehensive tips on this strategy anywhere, from anyone else.  ORDER IT NOW!


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