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Can't Condense to Editors' Word Counts?  
Learn to Shorten Any Text - While Also Making It 
Clearer and More Powerful

Long gone are the days when publishers encouraged authors to write longwinded stories that could keep readers hanging from installment to installment.  Today, editors want snappy, concise writing that fits into their page layouts.

Being pithy and concise comes naturally only to Yankee farmers, though.  The rest of us must learn to say a lot in fewer words.  My new report, "Shorter," holds the keys to the kingdom of brevity.

Discover procedures that help you identify and remove excess verbiage - unnecessary words, redundant phrases and irrelevant paragraphs.  Practice cutting four passages, then compare how well you eliminated the fat with my versions that slashed away up to 50 percent or more.  Detailed explanations take you step by step from the wordy original to a shorter, then even shorter original.

Once you know the crucial questions to ask as you edit, you become a master of the red pen, whether you or someone else wrote the text in front of you.  Order "Shorter" (a PDF report) for $29.95.

"Shorter goes far beyond cutting extra words, with dozens of practical tips on creating shorter documents with punch and style. I have applied Marcia's strategies to my own writing, and I have also shared a few tips with my corporate clients. Through Marcia's expert commentary and examples, she shows that concise writing is method, not magic. Thanks for this valuable information!" - Lynn Gaertner-Johnston, Business Writing Specialist and Founder, Syntax Training, Seattle, WA

Like all the testimonials on this site, the customer comments on this page were provided without compensation, incentives or rewards.

Shorter = More Powerful

"Let thy speech be short, comprehending much in a few words." - Apocrypha.

Concise writing packs more punch, conveys more energy and inspires greater response.

Unless you overstep brevity into inscrutability - and "Shorter" helps you avoid that pitfall - shorter gets the job done better.  

This tool for tighter writing teaches you in just 38 pages to turn long- winded prose into terse, to-the-point content:

  • Techniques that work for business writers, journalists, copywriters, grant writers, marketing communications professionals, graphic designers, authors, editors and more

  • Three steps that ensure you make your text more and more concise, without wasted effort

  • Questions to ask so you identify repetitions, blather and fluff

  • Ten formatting adjustments that save space and that most writers overlook

  • Conventional punctuation and wording practices you can sometimes effectively ignore

  • Examples galore!  Nearly every tip includes at least one instance of it

  • Macro-cutting, micro-cutting and nano-cutting techniques, showing how to chop out large sections and make little reductions where every sliver of space counts

  • Four you-try-it exercises where you can see how I cut 30%, 50% or in one case 75% - without losing any essential points

  • Which periodicals and information formats provide the best learning labs for further practicing your shortening skills

Achieve a Smaller Word Count or Fit Your Message into a Set Space

If you're writing grant applications or working on articles for magazines, you're up against an unforgiving word count.  If you edit a newsletter or design ads or direct-mail pieces, space is your enemy.  Either way, with "Shorter" you become more able to reach your goal.

This report does not rehash wordiness advice for students and professors available free online.   Some of its techniques you'd be hard put to find explained anywhere, though you could find them in use if you knew where to look.  "Shorter" also doesn't assume you remember the difference between subordinate and relative clauses or any obscure points of grammar.  

In a lively, interactive style, it conveys lessons I picked up from 25+ years of working with top magazine editors and public radio producers and of creating word magic for a wide range of business clients.  ORDER NOW.

As with all downloadable material from this web site, buy with the protection of a money-back guarantee.  You're just $29.95 away from terser, punchier writing.  ORDER "SHORTER" NOW!


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