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Write Productively, Meet Your Deadlines and Finally Cross That #@*&% Writing Project 
Off Your To-Do List!

In June 2010, transform your relationship with writing - guaranteed.

Is writing painful for you, something you dread and put off as long as possible?  Something that always takes laborious effort, resulting in cramped and convoluted text that neither you nor others are happy with?  

Or perhaps you love to write - at least the initial stages where you blissfully express your heart out or explore ideas you're excited about.  Then you get bogged down later in the process.

SORRY, Registration for the live class beginning June 1 is now closed.  Please consider instead the home-study version of the material, described near the bottom of this page.

Either way, imagine knowing how to get started, how to keep your momentum going and how to take each writing project to the finish line so it communicates what you wanted to say, clearly and effectively. 

Imagine too knowing how to wend your way past your personal obstacles, whether those fall into the category of lingering childhood bugaboos or practical conundrums like feeling too busy to carve out time for writing.

One month after the Complete Your Writing Projects seminar starts, you'll have new writing routines, new skills, greater confidence about writing and many more terrific pages of writing than before piling up.  And you benefit from the seminar without having to leave your home or office!

"'Complete Your Writing Projects' gave me processes to use when I get stuck and useful tips for time management. During the course I became 'unstuck' on a book project I had started a long time ago and regained my passion for the topic. Even better, I now have tools I can use in the future when I'm struggling with a writing project or unable to prioritize. Thanks, Marcia!" - Cheryl Rainey, Tallahassee, FL

A Field-tested, Validated Program 

The Complete Your Writing Projects seminar is based on a course I originally taught at Radcliffe Career Services, part of Harvard University, years ago.  Professors and doctoral students from Harvard, Brandeis, M.I.T., Babson and the University of Massachusetts learned to disregard their writing demons and move along their "publish or perish" projects more efficiently, improving both the quality and the quantity of their writing.  

In 2009, I revamped the course for a teleseminar format and tested it with a small group of people with varying backgrounds from all over the country.  Their progress was just as impressive as with the original course structure. 

What You Learn

Here is the class-by-class outline for the upcoming June 2010 incarnation of Complete Your Writing Projects.  It takes place in four 60-80 minute telephone conference calls, with short instructional emails in between:

Session #1: Examine Fears and Misconceptions about Writing
Catalog your fears, likes and dislikes when it comes to writing so you can replace misconceptions with more realistic ideas and productive expectations.  Find out which commonly held beliefs and expectations about writing are surprisingly untrue - and why.  Learn (and put to work) the never-fail secret for resuming work or getting started on a long-stalled writing project.

Examples of famous writers with little-known productivity triggers and stories of people I've worked with make this session practical and inspiring rather than theoretical.  

"I had been writing lots but publishing none of it - I just couldn't seem to finish any of the topics. Now I can. Some of the course techniques also helped me get to the point and inject interesting points to make my content less boring. Already this week I have finished the content of five web pages that had been sitting around for a couple months, unfinished. The ideas are flowing again, the inspiration has returned. In the future I will approach writing with far more pleasure and much less trepidation. Good stuff!" - Linda Popovich, Bothell, WA

Session #2: Learn Quick Writing Techniques
Discover - and practice - five ways to get chunks of writing done in a very small amount of time.  Use your current writing project for these exercises if you like.  I'll tell you the advantages and disadvantages of each exercise, so you know which ones match which writing purposes, as you assess which techniques click best for you.  

Between sessions, you find half-hour chunks of time in which to apply the exercises you like best to your real-life writing project.  

Session #3: Overcome Psychological and Practical Obstacles
Fear of criticism holds back many writers, so we'll look at that and disarm your critics (whether living or dead) during this session.  You consider other psychological blocks and inventory practical obstacles.  

Trust me - it feels fun and liberating as we come up with options and solutions for even the toughest hindrances and hurdles, such as lack of time, too many ideas, no child care or no place to write.  Between sessions, you continue making gains on your writing project.

Acclaim for the Complete Your Writing Projects Perspective
An audio cassette tape incorporating many of the ideas in this seminar made the rounds of the writing world prior to the rise of the Internet.  It became a selection of the Writers Digest Book Club and was offered in the Sounds True catalog.  Best-selling mystery author Sue Grafton called my approach "excellent."  Years later I met published writers who told me they had listened to my soothing words on tape every night before going to sleep.

Session #4: Create and Maintain Writing Momentum
Learn why productive writing that pleases both you and readers involves a balance between inspiration and discipline and get guidelines for creating a comfortable equilibrium between those elements.  Find out why "energy engineering" can be as vital to your writing progress as time and a conducive space.

As in the previous three classes, you receive a wide range of suggestions for forging ahead and staying on course through the final stages of your writing project.

With these four classes behind you, your writing projects take less time, are better focused and involve more pleasure and less pain.  For many people, greater productivity translates into lower life stress and higher earnings.  

The four teleclasses take place the first four Tuesdays in June at 5 p.m. Eastern time (4 p.m. Central, 3 p.m. Mountain, 2 p.m. Pacific, 10 p.m. GMT).  That's June 1, 8, 15 and 22.  Can't make all the class sessions?  Each session is recorded, and you can listen (or re-listen) to it on a special replay line at a time convenient for you.

"There were two techniques in the course I 'bonded with' immediately: outlining articles, websites, and even books in just 20 minutes (yes, 20 minutes is enough to provide a good solid skeleton), and doing fact-checking after I've finished writing for the day, and thus not getting distracted or losing the flow of my writing. I've been using those two techniques in almost everything I write, and they have made my writing much, much more efficient." - Sue Schopp, Arlington, MA

More Than a Class, It's Three-Way Instruction

Complete Your Writing Projects is more than a one-way lecture course.  Each telephone session includes the opportunity to share experiences, ask questions and request solutions.  In addition, throughout the course participants can email me questions, and I answer all the ones that have general relevance in between-session emails for the whole group.

These supplementary emails - always short and to the point - include additional self-awareness exercises, checklists, stories, reminders or resources for further reading.

You also have the option to team up with one other person - your "writing buddy" - and talk to each other between sessions by telephone (best) or email (second best) to further process and integrate what you're learning.

Experts say it takes 28 days to build new habits, and by the end of June 2010, you can expect to have a markedly different experience of writing from what you had before the seminar began.

Everything described up to here - the four teleclasses, the replay line, the between-sessions emails and being teamed up with a writing buddy - is yours in the basic or "Just Learning" version of the seminar for $197.

Plus One-on-Ones and Extra Resources for 10 People

Want even more assistance in transforming your relationship with writing or with getting your soon-to-be-completed work out to the marketplace? 

I've created ten slots for a deluxe or "Ready for Action" version of the seminar.  In addition to everything described above, this also includes a private one-hour telephone consultation with me (value: $300) on refining your writing process, resolving a dilemma about a specific writing project or getting my advice on how to pursue publication in today's maze of publishing options.

In this upgraded option, you also receive my studio-recorded Become a More Productive Writer four-CD course in a boxed album, which overlaps somewhat with the content of the live class sessions but is organized for repeat listening.  It normally sells for $147.  Additionally, you receive a free demo copy of a software program that helps you organize a writing project of any size and a one-hour CD interview (value: $47) with a colleague of mine on how she completed eight books in 18 months.

"Working through Marcia's 'Become a More Productive Writer' audio course permanently improved my writing process, not just by speeding it up, but by making it less frustrating. The self-paced exercises pushed me to try out an amazing variety of mental tools, which I now have at my disposal every time I sit down to write. Highly recommended." - Jean Moroney, President, Thinking Directions

Enrollment in the deluxe or "Ready for Action" version of the seminar costs $497 and is open to 10 people - first come, first served.  We'll schedule your one-on-one consultation at a mutually agreeable date and time sometime before the end of July.

Your Satisfaction is Doubly Guaranteed

If you've read this far, you're definitely interested in transforming your relationship with writing.  To take away the risk of signing up, I offer the following strong-as-steel double guarantee.  

Your first guarantee:  Sign up for either the "Just Learning" or "Ready for Action" version of the seminar and attend the first teleclass meeting.  If you don't feel excited about the session and confident about the value of the rest of the course for you, simply tell me by midnight June 1st and I'll refund everything you paid - and thank you for having given it a try.

Your second guarantee:  Attend all four class meetings, and if you don't feel you made the progress you expected, tell me by midnight June 22nd and I'll refund 100% of your seminar fee.  After June 22nd at midnight, there are no refunds.

Essentially I am guaranteeing that the seminar improves your relationship with writing.  If that's a result you want, sign up for the seminar while there's still space available!

Can't Make the Seminar Meetings?

If the time slot at which I've scheduled the weekly telephone sessions doesn't work for you, consider these two options.

First, if you have to miss one or more of the class meetings, you'll have a replay number you can use to listen to the recorded session whenever it's convenient for you, any day of the week, up till the next scheduled class session.  If you attended and would like to listen to all or part of the session again for reinforcement, you can call into the replay line for that purpose as well.

Second, if you prefer a self-study option, you can purchase my studio-recorded four-audio course, Become a More Productive Writer, which covers many of the same issues as Complete Your Writing Projects, without the interaction, for just $147 plus shipping.  Details on the previously recorded, self-study course.

Reserve Your Spot Now - Enrollment is Strictly Limited

If you are ready to transform your relationship with writing, sign up for Complete Your Writing Projects today!  Select the version of the seminar that best meets your needs:

1)The Ready for Action deluxe version of the live course, $497 - only 10 spots available!
This includes the four-session live course described above PLUS a one-hour private telephone consultation on your writing PLUS my previously recorded four-CD course, Become a More Productive Writer, sent to you at the conclusion of the live course, with free shipping.  All this comes with the double guarantee described above.  SIGN UP NOW.

2)The Just Learning basic version of the live course, $197
This consists of the four-session live course described above, but no one-on-one consultation and no CDs.  Your enrollment is covered by the double guarantee described above.  SIGN UP NOW.

3)The Self-Study version, $147 (plus shipping)
This gets you my studio-recorded four-CD course, Become a More Productive Writer, which contains many of the ideas in Complete Your Writing Projects in a format suitable for self-study.  If it doesn't improve your writing process, return it within a year for a full refund.  ORDER NOW.

Questions?  Email me and I'll answer.


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