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Get Started or Accelerate Your Success Writing What Businesses Need Opportunities in Business-to-Business Copywriting

Learn how to build a thriving business writing practice catering to the needs of businesses that sell products or services to other businesses. 

Unglamorous and never the focus of glitzy, guru-driven marketing courses, B-to-B copywriting nonetheless has high demand and significant potential for a healthy six-figure income.

Sound intriguing?  Then listen to a one-hour recording explaining what's distinctive about writing for B-to-B clients and sharing tips for launching and building your B-to-B copywriting practice.  It's just $19.95, and includes listener questions (and answers).

"Very helpful with specific, practical suggestions. Also very well run. Many thanks!" - Jim Holdsworth, 3C Communications

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Some of the points covered

Be prepared to unlearn some revered copywriting "truths" that do not pertain to the B-to-B world.  Expect to hear some strong opinions, which are based on mentoring of more than 40 individuals getting ready to set out their copywriting shingle or reach their next level of success as well as more than 20 years of in-the-trenches b-to-b copywriting.

I'm Marcia Yudkin, and I've been coaching aspiring copywriters since 1997 - many years longer than someone else who claims to be the first copywriting coach.  I'm the author of Persuading on Paper, originally published by Penguin USA, and Meatier Marketing Copy, as well as a dozen other business books.

My b-to-b clients have ranged from medical cost-containment services for corporations to auto parts recycling, from industrial engineering to tourism management software, from prosperous solo consultants to specialty divisions of well-known multinational corporations.

"10 Keys to Success in B-to-B Copywriting is a tremendous value - I've listened to it about three times already. Thanks for offering it!" - Liz Willis, Minneapolis

And here now are some of the topics you'll learn about in "10 Keys to Success in B to B Copywriting":

  • The fastest route to B-to-B copywriting success, if you possess either ingredient A or ingredient B

  • Methods of determining how viable an industry niche might be, and the kind of number-crunching you most definitely do NOT want to use in this calculation

  • Should you specialize?  Yes, in one way and no in another way

  • A word you should avoid most of the time in characterizing yourself, and how to talk about your services instead (I haven't seen or heard any of my fellow copywriting coaches mention this point!)

  • Which writing techniques and abilities matter most in the B-to-B arena

  • Four best ways to get your B-to-B copywriting business off the ground, two of which you probably haven't considered

  • Essential elements of your web site and how you should and shouldn't organize it

  • My advice on whether or not you should look for a mentor

  • A general roadmap for success in building a B-to-B copywriting practice

If at least three of the above points quickened your heart rate, be sure to get this recording.  Do your future a favor and listen in.  Your satisfaction is guaranteed - or you'll get your money back.

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