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Limited to only three clients per month
Get Your Book on Track: An Intensive 30-Day Coaching Program

If you've had a nonfiction book project on the back burner for way too long, use my intensive 30-day coaching program as a structure for getting it cooking finally with flavor, substance and audience appeal.

Besides having worked on my own writing projects with some of the best editors in the USA, I've been a manuscript scout and editor for a small press and worked one-on-one with more than 225 authors.  (You'll find several client comments below.)

For $1495, you get three concentrated phone consultations with me on your book project and unlimited email feedback on your work for 30 days.  Our focus together is two-fold:  getting you working productively and getting the book into shape in theme, organization and style.  I am happy to offer advice about your publishing options as well.  Ultimately your goal is to complete a book-length work that you can be proud of, that has appeal for a specific audience and that not only sells but also gets positive reviews.

Got a get-rich-quick book idea and don't give a hoot about quality?  Then I am not the right coach for you.

We start by taking stock of what you've done so far on the book (if anything).  We set up a plan of action for the month, then discuss your writing schedule and any obstacles you need to overcome.  As we go along, I provide specific, constructive feedback by email on your outline, chapters, ideas and questions.

While every client's feedback is unique, I typically save you time, frustration and heartbreak by showing how you can...

  • Quickly and elegantly organize information that was confusing, unfocused and scattered

  • Focus on the kinds of information that will make the greatest difference to your audience

  • Discover a writing style that is clear and compelling while still being distinctly yours

  • Create a title and subtitle that stand out and accurately signal what's in the book

  • Add extra value in your style or content, upgrading the book from "pretty good" to "superb"

  • Differentiate your book meaningfully from others on the market so shoppers understand why they should buy yours

If the book is something you've just always talked about doing, the 30-day structure turns it into action.  If the book pertains to your area of professional expertise, consider this coaching program a very smart investment.  According to Rain Today's "The Business Impact of Writing a Book," a 2006 survey of more than 200 professionals who'd published at least one business book:

  • Their median direct income from the book was $34,000; median indirect income - from more speaking engagements, ability to generate more leads, charge higher fees, close more deals, etc. - was $100,000

  • 84% of authors reported a strong or very strong influence on their ability to stand out against competitors

  • 63% of authors reported a strong or very strong influence on generating new clients

  • 96% of authors said publishing a business book affected their professional practice either positively or extremely positively

Here are quotes from previous clients who worked with me on book projects:

"I just received a contract from Thompson Publishing.  Thank you so much for your help and guidance!  You certainly helped me to transfer my ideas into an outline that immediately captured their attention and created lots of excitement." - Susan Eckert, Brightwaters, NY

"Your skillful editing, your ability to pinpoint the strengths and weaknesses of my manuscript, and your thorough knowledge of the publishing process gave me the guidance and support I needed to complete my project and find an agent and publisher. Thank you!" - Rabbi D. Lerner, Arlington, MA

"Marcia's coaching helped me structure for clarity, dig deeper for color and liveliness and smooth my writing. Providing names of potential agents, one of which worked out, was a real plus!" - Nina Boyd Krebs, Ed.D., Sacramento, CA

"In working with Marcia, I learnt how to express my thoughts in a way that directly benefited the reader's experience.  Her constant commitment to clarity and simplicity drove me nuts, and now pays dividends in the rave reviews I've had from people reading my manuscript. Her input at proposal stage was pivotal to me securing offers from two publishers - giving me the luxury to choose the best offer. Marcia encouraged me to work harder, be better and the quality of my writing improved massively (and I already thought I could write!)." - Julie Starr, Derbyshire, UK

Like all the testimonials on this site, the client comments on this page were provided without compensation, incentives or rewards.

Got questions?  Here are some answers that might help.

What's the refund policy?
If I fall out of a 10-story window or for other unforeseen reasons am unable to fulfill my part of the bargain, you'll receive a refund.  Otherwise, your enrollment is nonrefundable.  You cannot "transfer" to another month if your business suddenly gets insanely busy or you find yourself not in the mood to work on the book.  Making this type of a do-or-die commitment is actually beneficial to you, part of the dynamic of the program and why it works so well.

Will you help me with two books?
No.  I'll provide general strategic guidance if you have more than one book in mind, but you get page-by-page, textual or organizational feedback on only one book.

Can I expect a "final edit" from you on what I've written?
I point out your typical mistakes and show how you can tighten and liven up your prose, but I don't usually edit everything to publishable standards.  (Once in a while I do it because I see exactly what to fix and I can't help myself.)  I function as your writing coach, not your editor.

Can you advise on book proposals, queries, synopses or marketing copy for the book, too?
Certainly.  In fact, completing a traditional book proposal that includes all the components a publishing house editor would expect from you can often be accomplished within 30 days if you buckle down and work hard.

Suppose I'm working on an academic book?
No problem!  Although I don't advertise it much, I have a Ph.D. in the humanities, taught at Smith College and elsewhere and have coached professors from Brandeis, University of Massachusetts, Babson, MIT and other prestigious schools on their academic writing.  (One mentoree won a MacArthur "genius" award.)  Their subject matter included classics, sociology, urban planning, philosophy, art history and business.

I write in English but I'm based outside the USA.  Does that work?
Again, no problem.  My writing clients have lived in England, Switzerland, Canada, Japan and Australia as well as the U.S.

What if I need more than three phone consultations?
All our phone consultations are scheduled ahead of time.  I do not accept calls for a "quick question."  You have to write out your question in email, and I respond quickly, most of the time within a few hours.  If you're the type of person who prefers to talk through everything on a project, this program probably isn't right for you.  With that said, if you need extra phone discussions within the 30 days, I'll do my best to accommodate you at the special rate of $99 per additional half hour.

Is the 30-day program renewable when the month runs out?
Maybe.  My goal is to assist you in getting your book underway, restarted or zipping along toward the finish line and to empower you to keep on going without me.  However, if you need further feedback and I'm in a position to give it, we'll work out an arrangement according to the level of help you need.

How to sign up

If you're ready to commit yourself to intensive progress on your book for the next 30 days, reserve your spot by paying a $100 deposit below and also sending me an email introducing yourself and describing your book project and how far it is along.  I will return your deposit promptly if I feel I'm not the right person to help you.  Otherwise, I'll let you know how to pay the remainder of the $1495 fee, and at that point the 30-day clock begins.

Sign Up Now With a $100 Deposit:

Thank you for reading this far, and whether or not you end up working with me, I wish you great success with your book publishing ambitions.

Marcia Yudkin, Ph.D.


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