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Stop Chasing, Stop Settling - Use 
Attraction Marketing Instead!

Like a Magnet, Attract Your Ideal Clients

  • Fed up with the frustration of hunting and chasing clients?

  • Tired of work assignments you donít enjoy and eager for the business or professional practice that would keep you happy?

  • Curious about the dynamics of attitude, and how mindsets bring about either positive or negative results?

  • Unsure about how to transform a collection of okay clients into a legion of "true fans"?

Attraction seems to contain an element of magic. Instead of the hard work of moving something to another place, attraction uses unseen forces to lure Thing A closer to Thing B. 

Yet in marketing, attraction is a predictable, practical process, something you can consciously tame and use. Thereís no need to run yourself ragged trying to bring in customers only to discover that theyíre a poor match for your offerings, your personality or the way youíd prefer to run your business. 

Instead, you deliberately focus on who you want to attract. Put out the word for them, and those who respond become satisfied customers who recommend you to others and without a second thought, buy from you again and again themselves.

People respond not because you need them as clients - in fact, neediness drives away business! - but because they perceive a perfect match between you and what they're looking for.  They then buy and keep on buying when you maintain a consistency in your approach and nurture your relationship with them.

In a multi-session audio set, Law of Attraction Marketing: The Mastermind Collection brings you the nuanced insights and experiences of six highly regarded marketers on the power and practicalities of attraction.

Some of the audio interviews explicitly make reference to the centuries-old Law of Attraction that forms the centerpiece of "The Secret."  Still, the overall emphasis of the discussions is down to earth, accessible even for skeptics and making sense whatever your spiritual beliefs.

Listening, you understand the benefits of attracting exactly who you want your business to serve and numerous ways to set attraction in motion.  The featured marketing experts share experiences and examples that illustrate the powerful principles of attraction marketing and that inspire you to put these methods to work for you.

You'll lose track of your surroundings and find yourself entranced with the applications of what youíre hearing to your business goals. Have a notebook on hand so you can preserve your explosion of thoughts and ideas for implementation!  Order "Attraction Marketing" now.

What is the Law of Attraction?
According to the Law of Attraction, the universe brings us what our inner and outer energy ask for. When weíre not happy with whatís showing up in our life, itís because weíre unaware of how our old beliefs or subconscious fears are influencing the vibrations we send out into the world. Change our mindset, and we experience different results.

The attraction marketing experts 
Here now are some nuggets from each of the six featured marketing specialists in Attraction Marketing: The Mastermind Collection. 

Joe Vitale, author of The Attractor Factor and co-star of "The Secret," explains:

  • Five steps to attracting whatever you want

  • Why you must choose your role models carefully

  • How to identify - and shake - beliefs that are holding you back

  • Should you "follow the money"? Joeís answer

  • The central role of the heart in business

  • Why marketing never has to be manipulative; Joeís powerful alternative to pushiness

  • Marketing as a transcendent experience, a route to enlightenment

  • The four-letter word that unexpectedly holds the key to business success

  • The most productive way to view competitors

  • How and why to jump on inspiration fast!

  • What has more effect on your future than either plans or visualizations, and why

  • Myths about happiness that can keep you from taking action and experiencing miracles

Marcia Yudkin (me), creative marketing coach and author of 6 Steps to Free Publicity, discusses:

  • How to figure out who your ideal clients are

  • Though it takes confidence to turn away customers who arenít right for you, why thatís essential

  • Getting riffraff instead of ideal clients? How to fix that

  • Why you must transcend thinking that you sell "just a widget"

  • Dynamics of making a great living from a surprisingly small customer list

  • Hidden pitfalls of having and executing a marketing plan

  • What you must feel about your marketing materials for them to bring you business

  • Why "difficult customers" is a mistaken concept and what to replace it with

  • Two examples showing why smart marketers should supplement Internet marketing

  • A startling suggestion about "autopilot" businesses

  • Why search engines may not bring you ideal customers

  • Three keys to recovering quickly from a slump

  • Ways to avoid the feast-or-famine roller coaster 

Marty Marsh, marketing consultant and coach to "soul proprietors," reveals:

  • Why integrity and soul can be valid watchwords for business

  • How you might misunderstand what business youíre really in - and why that matters

  • Marketing is perpetual: the reason not to stop even if you have a full roster of clients

  • Isnít knowing who your perfect customers are enough? No - why you still must take action

  • Which comes first, client projects or marketing? Youíre probably answering that one wrongly!

  • A backhanded way to define ideal customers

  • Martyís three-part formula for creating an "attraction statement" and how to use yours

  • Why recitations and affirmations arenít what works in attraction marketing

  • Todayís two must-have marketing tools - only one of which is high-tech 

  • Are you in business to make money? Martyís surprising advice

  • The insight that helps you make sound business decisions time after time after time

Andrea Conway, Law of Attraction coach on successful self-employment, talks about:

  • The two hardest parts of the Law of Attraction

  • When things arenít working out, why itís essential to understand you may not know why

  • Why whatever you think is up with "the economy" is only in your head and totally irrelevant to attracting business

  • How Andrea pulled herself together using the Law of Attraction after 9/11 and the dot-com crash

  • Not getting results? The only explanation for it

  • How your inner situation shows up in business problems

  • Why itís wise to trust inspiration

  • The role of service and love in business

  • Two ingredients that guarantee youíll get results from coaching

  • Despite what many glean from "The Secret," why the Law of Attraction isnít just about material riches

  • Three easy ways to shift your vibration in less than five minutes

Jan Stringer & Alan Hickman, strategic attraction specialists, describe:

  • Are you frantically trying to get results? What you should try instead

  • Why clarity creates a foundation for unexpected business blessings

  • Donít work with anyone and everyone?! Right - and the meaning of true service

  • How you can rise above any circumstances to become a success

  • The startling method that prevents slowdowns

  • Your mama was right! Why you shouldnít play with the "bad kids" in business

  • Got quirky ideas about perfect customers? The quirkier, the better... and Jan & Alan explain why

  • The reason your perfect customers wonít leave for competitors

  • A powerful four-step strategic attraction plan

  • How to tell the difference between strategic action and distractions

  • The enlightened approach to client complaints

  • Clients want you to have what you want! How this frees you to be yourself

Bonus audio: "Attract Your Ideal Clients," a recorded teleseminar with Marcia Yudkin.  Been told that without making cold calls or sending cold letters you haven't a prayer of finding clients? Been told you'll never make it unless you target companies that are not the clients you yearn to serve? Both ideas are well-meant nonsense. 

The bonus audio describes how to attract rather than chase clients and why just about any wishes about who you'd like to work with can succeed.

Attraction Marketing: The Mastermind Collection, plus the Bonus audio, 6 audios in all, costs $95 and is instantly downloadable.  It comes with a full money-back guarantee:  If the audio set fails to live up to your expectations, just let us know, and we'll refund 100% of what you paid for it.  ORDER THE AUDIOS NOW.


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