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Brand (or Rebrand) Yourself So Ideal Clients Consider You Their Top Choice

Create Appeal While Staying True to Your Introvert Self

Tired of pretending to be the company or individual that experts say you "should" be to attract business?  Turned off by marketing advice that feels fake, manipulative, aggressive or insanely difficult for you to carry out?  Eager for a fresh business identity that attracts clients effectively while setting you up to do your best for them?

Discover how to market yourself with both integrity and style.

When you highlight your distinctive character strengths and talents with a little bit of pizzazz, people and organizations that prefer someone just like you show up and become long-term customers and referral sources.

My new coaching program, Personal Branding for Introverts, is ready for enrollment.

This program involves an ideal mix of a carefully prepared, step-by-step discovery process that you experience online at your own pace, and as much one-on-one advice and feedback from me on your branding as you need to implement it.

How This Program Benefits You

In Personal Branding for Introverts, you identify your key values, unique gifts and idiosyncratic masteries, describe what customers can expect from you and apply techniques that portray the best that you have to offer in a positive light.

You determine what you want to be known for, delineate who you do and don't want to be doing business with and learn multiple ways to convey your particularity in words, image and behavior so your advantages have intense appeal for your ideal clients.  Any time you get stuck, I'm available as a sounding board and coach.  And as you assemble your new branding in words and graphics, I provide feedback to help you make sure your message comes through clearly and convincingly.

Sparked a Thorough, Effective Marketing Makeover
"The questions and format of Marcia's program guided me step by step towards building an approach to marketing that I'm comfortable with.  From the way I dress for networking events, to the types of meetings I attend, to how I speak about my business once I'm there, I find people now understand who I am, what I do and what type of clients they can refer to me.  Marketing is actually fun now:  I can be myself and see clearly how my unique personality, qualifications and work style benefit my clients and potential clients." - Anne Marie Wenzel, CEO, Econosystems, Menlo Park, CA

The upshot is a new business identity, either an evolution of what you already have or a marked departure that shines a brighter spotlight on your unique strengths, experience, values and passions.

Why for Introverts?

My approach in this program actually evolved through extensive dialogues I've had with professionals who recoil from much conventional marketing advice with "That's just not me!"  or "The gurus' advice revolts me."  Nearly all of them were introverts.

If you are someone who smiles only at people you respect, prefers keeping the private you from public scrutiny and dislikes both braggarts and bragging, this program is geared to your sensitivities.  The techniques and examples in the course enable you to underscore your quiet strengths in a positive and compelling manner.

You get a logical, easy-to-follow structure, with four step-by-step branding lessons that crystallize into a specific plan and brand personality.  You formulate the wording and visuals that signal what's special about you (or your company) to those hunting and hoping for something just like that.  I offer advice, reality checks, suggestions if you're stumped and expert start-to-finish guidance.

Here are the Four Key Steps in the Process

Step 1: Branding From the Inside Out.  What do you want to be known for?  Here we toss out the conventional "shoulds" for a business image and discuss how to use what's important to you as your starting point.  Discovery exercises help you clarify what you most have to offer those who engage you, how you prefer to relate to clients and whether you have personal characteristics or experiences you'd like to incorporate into your branding.  

Step 2: Defining and Appealing to Your Ideal Customers.  Who would you most like to be working with?  You feel saner and clients are more likely to be delighted when there's as close a match as possible between your personality, values and strengths and the behavior and expectations of those who are hiring and paying you.  You hear about common objections to this notion, and you receive support and feedback in clarifying the identity and characteristics of your ideal customers.

Step 3: 22 Elements You Can Use to Brand Yourself.   Learn well over a dozen techniques you can choose from to dramatize in a concise way the messages that highlight your distinctiveness and appeal most to your target market, while turning away those you'd rather not have as clients.  These range from a company name and tag line to a moniker ("The Queen of Clean"), a business motto, visual style and much more.

Step 4: Marketing Copy With Personality Power.   You now discover how to fill in the bare ideas you've generated so far with promotional copy that reaches out with a sparkling appeal for your favorite kind of clients.  Consider global ways to send clear, memorable personality signals on your web site and elsewhere, and get inspiration from a multitude of categorized examples.

Unquestionably a Valuable Investment of Money and Time
"Working through Marcia's program helped me define who my key clients are and more importantly understand what they are looking for in the services I provide. Prior to this, I was content with simply listing the services without making any emotional connection to what it was the client was searching for. The course showed me how to evaluate other sites and then create web pages that accurately reflect the services I provide while appealing to the clients I want to attract." - Donal Dixon, Founder, Asia Business Advisory, Bangkok, Thailand

Three additional recordings, on Sizzling Sound Bites, Constructing Personas for Marketing, and Personal Branding, are yours to listen to as well to help your ideas simmer and cook.  And although the main medium of instruction for the steps above is online video, each lesson also includes a downloadable transcript of the content for easy review and reference.

You Also Receive Extensive One-on-One Help

As you proceed through the steps above, I keep a bead on whether you're on board with the process or lost, and I provide additional help whenever you need it.  Along with the online sessions, you receive up to three as-needed private phone discussions with me and unlimited email feedback until you fully implement what you've created. 

How Much for Personal Branding for Introverts?

Marketing colleagues of mine tend to charge $5,000 to $15,000 for branding or rebranding coaching programs.  You pay just $1997 - and let me know if you'd like to break that into four monthly installments.

Your Guarantee 

Your satisfaction with the Personal Branding for Introverts coaching program is guaranteed as follows.  After you complete your enrollment, you receive access to the whole online instructional program.  Make sure the approach makes sense to you.  Until the time you send me your first homework assignent for feedback, or until you request a phone one-on-one with me, you're eligible for a complete money-back guarantee.   Beyond that point, there is no refund available.  

Your enrollment in the program has no expiration date, and if your progress gets interrupted, you can simply pick up again where you left off, with no problem as far as I am concerned.

And just a few additional points I need to clarify...

  1. The course is for solo entrepreneurs or those who have complete authority to implement new branding for their organization.  I will not help you with or even listen to opinions or concerns from any others on your "team."  The course gets you in touch with what YOU want to project so you can have a happier, more successful business.

  2. Must you be a card-carrying introvert to enroll?  I don't know about the card-carrying part, but you should have good reason to consider yourself an introvert before enrolling in this program.  If you're not sure, take this free online assessment.  (Or another one -there are many.)

  3. What about confidentiality?  Anything you share with me privately stays between just you and me.  No one will know you received my input on your branding unless you choose to tell them.

  4. Is there a payment plan?  Yes.  As stated above, you pay the cost of the program in four equal installments. 

How to Sign Up

If you're ready for branding or rebranding and are excited about this structured program for getting it done well, sign up below.  Note that there is also an option for going through the online program on your own, without any feedback, support or personal help from me.

Sign Up Now for Personal Branding for Introverts

Questions?  Simply email me.


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