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Develop a Feasible Plan for Lucrative Semi-Retirement
For Baby Boomers Who Want to Kick Back and Capitalize on What You Know...

In past generations, reaching 60, 65 or 70 in decent financial shape meant being able to stop working.  You'd then hit the links, play canasta, read at home in your easy chair or quietly go stir-crazy.

Now, however, with droves of Baby Boomers reaching traditional retirement age in excellent health, a long bucket list and plenty of energy, it's time for something other than the binary "on/off" switch when it comes to work.  If you're interested in continuing to work a bit while earning a lot more than a bit on into your 70s and beyond, read on.

With the hundreds of books devoted to creating a fulfilling retirement and thousands of financial planners counseling clients on how to prepare for their golden years, you'd think someone would be touting a blog, books, courses and coaching to help knowledge-based business owners (experts, authors, speakers, consultants, trainers, coaches, online publishers) profit from what they've previously done while no longer pursuing business full-time.

Neither in the ranks of career experts nor among financial gurus could I find people who reject the "on/off" retirement paradigm and who discuss the details of restructuring a knowledge-based career and turning past work to new advantage. Sigh.

FREE REPORT: How Traditional Retirement Shortchanges Experts
Read my analysis of how mainstream thinking and advice about retirement overlook significant personal and financial options for self-employed experts and business owners.  It will get you thinking about downshifting your work life, profitably, in ways generally not available to those who work for others.  Request the free PDF download here:


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A New Kind of Non-Retirement: "The Semi Solution"

Although I wish someone else had figured this all out for me, I've identified a boatload of possibilities and components for downshifting and exploiting business assets. I invite you to join me in a program where I help you identify assets to put to new use, then explore options and develop a customized plan for your smart semi-retirement.

In a small group, we start with what you have to build on, discuss a wide range of earning options and passive-income models, then zero in on what best fits the experience, assets, desired lifestyle and financial goals for each of you.  After four group coaching sessions and homework assignments between our meetings, you continue to have access to your fellow travelers in a private online discussion forum and can further refine your plan in a one-on-one with me.

You end up with your very own profitable semi-retirement blueprint, a manageable list of to-do's and a timeline for implementing it all.

"This course opened my eyes to a lot of possibilities and made me realize how much I didn't really know. The resources Marcia provided were extremely useful, and I spent hours going through the sites and taking in the information. All this got me inspired enough to actually put my ideas into action. I appreciated Marcia's laid-back style combined with her awesome knowledge of the material. In taking this course, I made a great investment in myself, and I recommend it if you want to follow your passions while generating income for your retirement years." - Judith Snyder, East Stroudsburg, PA

How We Proceed Step by Step

Each group coaching session lasts 60-75 minutes, and you participate by telephone, with international call-in numbers available for 50+ locations around the world.  All sessions are recorded, so you don't need to worry if you miss one or two of them.

Here is the agenda for each of our coaching sessions, to be adjusted as needed to fit the interests and aims of participants. 

I. What You Have to Work With and Your Goals
Here you clarify your earning and work schedule objectives.  An open-ended questionnaire helps you identify and assess the knowledge and intellectual assets that you can capitalize on for your semi-retirement.  You'll probably discover that you have much more to work with than you may have thought! 

II. Passive Income Models for Lucrative Semi-Retirement
During this session you hear about six types of passive income that knowledge-based businesses can be set up to earn, with bountiful examples and resources and the advantages and disadvantages of each income stream.  Options for "in your sleep" revenue may be much more intriguing and lucrative than you'd believed.

III. Active Income Models for Lucrative Semi-Retirement
We go on to discuss six types of active earning that lend themselves especially to scaled-down effort and reasonable rewards.  In addition, as time allows, each participant receives feedback from the group and me on the plan you're developing.  We help make sure you're realistic, focused and excited about where you're headed.

"Marcia's program on moving into semi-retirement for entrepreneurs and solo practitioners is practical, thorough, and based on professional experience. The detailed, rich information about passive income streams was most valuable to me. It saved me hours of research into the many types of passive income I might pursue, and her summaries of the advantages and disadvantages of various options saved me the task of trying to identify what they might be.

"Even if your retirement seems far in the future, think about the advantages of looking ahead and beginning to set things in motion. And if you are ready to retire or even retired already, Marcia's ideas on passive income and scaled-down earning options can help you add an income stream and engaging activities you might not have considered." - Lynn Gaertner-Johnston, Seattle, WA

IV. Psychological Challenges and Implementation Gaps
Find out what's different psychologically about cutting back in your career, and get prepared for the distinctive challenges of semi-retirement. We get down to the nitty-gritty of what else you need to know and what kind of assistance you need for your plan.  I share lessons I learned about easing off from several months-long sabbaticals and five years of wintering in Hawaii.

Discussion Between Sessions
Between sessions, we continue dialogue, discussion and discovery by sharing ideas, questions, answers and homework on a private online discussion board.  Many people find this kind of exchange and support invaluable.

Your One-on-One Consultation
In addition to the coaching sessions and online discussions, you receive one hour of one-on-one advice and feedback from me, which you can schedule any time through December 2017.  I give you reality checks, suggestions and how-to's to help you refine and implement your plan intelligently.

How-to Resources
To help you leverage your knowledge, you get three practical manuals filled with detailed strategies and procedures for creating and marketing information products, along with resource-packed handouts.

How Much? When?  Is There a Guarantee?

The live coaching sessions take place on four consecutive Thursdays at 2 pm Eastern time (11 am Pacific, noon Mountain, 1 pm Central, 7 pm London time).  The dates are June 8, 15, 22 and 29.  If you can make any three of those dates, you'll get full value from the program because you can catch up with the fourth by listening to a recording.

There will be no more than 10 people in the group, and the program costs $897.  If you prefer a payment plan for the fee, just let me know and we'll work something out.

Your double guarantee is as follows:  (1)Attend the first scheduled coaching session, and if it doesn't seem right for you, let me know immediately afterwards, and I'll refund everything you paid.  (2)If you've participated fully in the program and haven't yet reached the point of having your customized semi-retirement blueprint by the end of the schedule described above, I'll continue to offer support until you've reached that point.

"Thanks to this course, I got a clearer perspective about where I'm at in my semi-retirement situation, what to focus on now, what might be opportunities later and what to not focus on at all. I appreciated the resource materials Marcia provided. They were well chosen, and the way they were set up allowed me to 'deep dive' where I needed to and skim the rest." - Brien Charlton, Edmonton, Alberta

Is It for You?

Although you're probably age 50-70 if this program has caught your interest, there is no age requirement, and I won't ask your age.

You should be either a current or past business owner/self-employed or someone with specialized knowledge you can redeploy.  You're probably an author/speaker/expert/consultant/coach/blogger/online publisher - but that too is not a requirement.

You can be based anywhere in the world, as long as you can communicate in English.

If you have questions, please don't hesitate to ask.

If the program appeals to you, but the timing isn't right for you, let me know so I can put you on a priority list to be notified about the next offering of this program.  And if you need a payment plan, we can probably work something out.

How to Sign Up

Reserve your spot in the June class by paying a $200 deposit now.  The remainder is due no later than June 1st.




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