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Become a Certified Web Site Marketing 
Makeover Consultant - or Just Learn to 
Improve Your Own Site, Top to Bottom

Web Site Marketing Makeover by Marcia Yudkin

"Before:  Confused users leave a site.
After: Satisfied users stay and do business." - Jakob Nielsen, Ph.D., web usability guru, praising Marcia Yudkin's book on web site makeovers

In a few months of part-time study, learn to transform any web site from miserably performing to spectacularly successful.  Whether it's a single-page pitch for one product, an online store featuring many products, or a multi-page profile of an organization's products and services, discover how to construct a site around the customer's information needs and purchasing psychology so that it generates leads or orders.  The Web Site Marketing Makeover Course dramatically increases your earning power.

If you complete both training components (Basic plus Advanced), you can call yourself a Certified Web Site Marketing Makeover Consultant, enjoying a new stream of revenue, helping to overhaul badly constructed, poorly worded web sites.  If you select just the Basic training option, you still finish with the strategic and writing tools needed to turn your own site or others' from a dud to a sleek profit puller.

My name is Marcia Yudkin, and I'm an expert in turning words into money.  I'm the author of 15 nonfiction books, including four on publicity and marketing for small businesses: 6 Steps to Free Publicity, Persuading on Paper, Internet Marketing for Less than $500/Year and Web Site Marketing Makeover.  

The last of these titles, published by Top Floor Publishing, applies long-established marketing principles to the distinctive environment of the web.  Since 2001, I have served as an official site reviewer for the Webby Awards eight times, I've judged the Inc. Small Business Web Awards, and more than 250 clients of every size and type have trusted me to provide expert feedback on their web sites.

Incredible Value, Enabling Me to Increase My Profits
"This course was a revelation. There were so many things that I would never have thought of. Marcia taught a way of critical thinking, and her years of experience pointed to things that most of us who have web sites never consider. I still feel there's tons to know, but I now know lots more than most people do." - Steve Frederick, Skokie, IL

Like all the testimonials on this site, the comments on this page were provided without compensation, incentives or rewards.

What's a Marketing Makeover?

A marketing makeover involves a complete headline-to-order-form metamorphosis so that the marketing piece better accomplishes its goal.  For a web site, changes usually include restructuring and rewording, but not necessarily redesign in the sense of changing the graphic elements or the overall look.

If you're already a web designer, the marketing makeover training equips you not only to freshen the look of a creaky site but more importantly to redo the copy so that an ecommerce site truly sells, a subscription site gets signups, a professional firm's site attracts new clients and a nonprofit organization wins over more hearts and wallets.  If you're like me and not proficient in design, don't worry.  Your makeovers can concentrate on improving the marketing messages and information flow through the site, boosting clarity and response.

Coming Soon: Higher Revenues From Useful New Analytical Tools
"Critiquing a web site is much harder than it looks. And I had no idea navigation could be such a complicated issue! After the course, it's difficult to look at any website - including my own - without noticing what is wrong. I now feel more confident working with web designers who do not have an understanding of how my clients need to use their sites as a marketing tool. I have specifics that I can use. I believe I will be able to increase revenues based on what I learned - not only with an additional revenue stream (web makeovers), but I will be able to pursue clients who have more complicated web site needs than I have handled before." - Nancy Waring, Alameda, CA

Whether you enroll in just the Basic training or also do the Advanced course, the Web Site Marketing Makeover Course teaches you to fix:

  • Boring or misdirected copy

  • Illogical navigation

  • Confusing ordering procedures 

  • Design that obstructs visitors' comprehension 

  • Missing elements needed to build trust

  • And many other epidemic web site mistakes

Besides learning to perform web site marketing makeovers, you become equipped to critique web sites and provide a plan for improvement - which in itself can be either a paid service or a lead generator.  You even get advice on how to make sure clients appreciate your suggestions.

How This Course is Distinctive

Hardly anyone teaching web copywriting works on both single-product pages that pull out all the stops to sell and corporate sites that persuade people to pick up the phone or email to inquire about becoming clients.  

Copywriters who specialize in one-product sales pages have no experience with straightening out a tangled navigation system or adjusting their writing tone for the desired image of a company.  Copywriters who specialize in corporate sites have no experience creating user-friendly, clear order procedures or keeping a reader absorbed in a long, every-objection-considered presentation. 

I regularly work on both types of sites, and in this course, you learn to improve any type of web site - even blogs (which usually badly need to become more user friendly).

Second, most web copywriting mentors lack the fine-tuned sensitivity to words that comes from my 25-plus years of writing for publication for some of the most demanding editors in the U.S., including those at the New York Times, Cosmopolitan, Business 2.0, HarperCollins, Penguin USA and more.  You get insights into choosing and arranging words that you won't find written down anywhere.  

And in both the Basic and Advanced components of the course, you receive my frank, constructive feedback on at least two written assignments.  (In the Advanced part, you also receive feedback and guidance on two full web sites that you rework.)  You learn your strong and weak points so you can focus on where your skills and knowledge need the most improvement.

Deep, Detailed Course, Worth at Least Twice as Much as It Costs
"Marcia delivers way more than what I see from marketing consultants who charge corporate clients tens of thousands for far less. Her editing skills are extraordinary, focused and complete. Point after point, the class brought home things I had read – and many I hadn’t – in a more meaningful way for me. It’s like a masters level (MBA) course. I find listening to each class on the iPod 2 or 3 times is beneficial - the classes are so full of good content that one listen through is not sufficient. I cannot tell you how many doors have opened for me from the principles I have learned and already used to my advantage with potential partners." - Henry Bruce, Stratford, CT

Third, I regret to say that my emphasis on persuading honestly and without hype is rare.  Many web copywriters subscribe to the principle that whatever improves response without directly breaking any law is best.  I disagree, and I teach only copywriting principles that respect readers and contribute to long-term customer satisfaction. 

Finally, in my course you learn through practice.  You not only work on focused exercises relating to actual web sites, you listen to a discussion of those sites and in many cases, view a variety of approaches on how to fix their problems.  Everyone who's taken the course quickly realizes there's a world of value in having to identify specifically what's working and what's not and proposing solutions for the problems.  

Encore Value;  Lessons That Apply More Widely Than to Websites
"This is the second course of Marcia’s I participated in, and again I found her feedback both interesting and very instructive. She certainly demonstrates her expertise while also being willing to consider other points of view. Listening to the recorded lessons gave me the flavor of being in class, because so many times those who were on the live call asked or answered questions as I might have. The course not only taught me how to look at website effectiveness, but also how to be direct, look at everything through the eyes of the consumer, and simplify - which are applicable to most businesses, not just copywriters or websites." - Kevin Worthley, West Kingston, RI

How the Home-Study Course Works

Everyone goes through a self-paced curriculum of eight lessons, each with assignments, discussion and instruction, and receives my feedback on two of the assignments - that's the Basic program.  Those who choose to continue in the Advanced program must then satisfactorily complete two full web site makeovers on their own, one for a single-product sales page and one for a multi-page web site.  

To do that, Advanced students get my assistance in four one-hour, one-on-one phone sessions focused on their work, along with as many email exchanges back and forth as necessary to get the work up to a professional level.  Advanced participants finish off with a final one-hour phone discussion on how they can best use their new finely honed skills.  

Now I Can Provide Higher-Level, More Lucrative Consulting 
"The course helped me become more attuned to common but deadly website flaws that I wouldn't have recognized before. Now I'm able to speak more intelligently to my clients about website layout, navigation, order forms, etc. I'm quicker to perceive flaws in websites and find myself doing it almost instinctually these days, even when poring over a site for non-work purposes. With the course behind me, I expect to be able to act as more of a website consultant and provide effective, educated feedback on clients' websites - beyond just copywriting - so that their sites perform better. And raise my rates soon, too." - Susan Landry, Pawtucket, RI

The Basic program costs $1,297, and the Advanced program, which continues after the Basic program concludes, has a fee of $1,700 (divided into two installments), for a total Basic + Advanced fee of $2,997.  The Basic tuition includes two of my books, Web Site Marketing Makeover and Persuading on Paper (if you don't already own them), CD recordings of eight one-hour interactive class sessions, extensive handouts and personal feedback.  Shipping the course to you is free, wherever you live in the world.

If you choose to take just the Basic program, you finish with mastery of new analytical and writing skills for a wide range of web sites.  If you want to go on, you can take a break of up to six months between the Basic and Advanced programs.  Satisfactorily completing the Advanced one-on-one training lets you call yourself a Certified Web Site Marketing Makeover Consultant - and you receive a certificate to that effect that you can frame and hang in your office.

Solid Teaching, Invaluable Learning, Greater Confidence
"In a day and time in which one finds hype, over-promising, and under-delivering, I was lucky to find a teacher who would assess my work honestly and make me work hard to learn. From the first lesson on, I learned that the clarity you see on a well-organized web site comes from the clarity within the site owner's mind. If you do not know what purpose your site serves, if the focus of your business is unclear, your web site will also be unfocused and confused. The course was a lot of work, yet definitely worth it. I still have a long way to go. But what a great start!" - Joe Polivick, West Chester, OH

Before getting to the nitty-gritty logistics, let me explain in more depth some of what you learn the Basic course:

  • How to look at a web site and identify exactly what needs fixing and how - including which elements most urgently need correction

  • Navigation do's and don'ts - essential for users to find what they're looking for at a multi-page web site

  • Site tag lines and headlines that properly orient the first-time visitor and position a site effectively

  • Pitfalls that derail reader comprehension and damage visitor interest - and how to explain flaws diplomatically to site owners

  • What to incorporate into a site to earn credibility, add interest, inspire bookmarks and prompt inquiries

  • Turning stereotypical we-we-we text into more reader-friendly copy that highlights how clients benefit from the company's offerings

  • Search engine optimization basics, so sites you work on have a shot at good search engine traffic

  • How to write a clear, engaging home page that pulls the visitor in 

Constructive Insights and a Priceless New Tool
"Marcia’s style is warm and friendly, and her message is professional with plenty of practical guidance and advice. The timing of events during classes is polished. Her criticism is delivered in a non- threatening manner and always highlights where I can improve. I now have an understanding of which web site elements to avoid and which are a must. Marcia also unlocked a key tool for me that gave me a way to determine whether or not I was conveying my knowledge in a clear and precise manner, lifting a longtime source of frustration for me about my writing." - Nick Lyttle, Christchurch, New Zealand

  • Attractive yet self-sabotaging design elements that should be changed, and why

  • Product description essentials enabling potential buyers to understand exactly what they'd be paying for

  • Order form guidelines that encourage completed sales (much, much harder to get right than you'd imagine!)

  • How to find your footing to improve a site that seems to be doing almost everything wrong 

  • Formatting copy for high readability and editing to prevent confusion or boredom 

Logistics for the Basic Course

Now here's how the Basic course works.  Although it was originally delivered as a teleseminar (a learn-by-phone class) in eight weekly lessons, you can study and complete the eight lessons at whatever pace works best for you.  Plan to read both Web Site Marketing Makeover and Persuading on Paper before tackling the first assignment.  

For each of the eight lessons, you have sections of one or both of those books to review, along with a written assignment to complete at your own pace.  The assignment might ask you to diagnose the flaws in a web site or web page, reorganize information or rewrite a page.  Allow 3-6 hours for completing each assignment.

Then you're ready to listen to a class session on CD, in which participants discuss the lesson from many points of view.  Sometimes the discussion brings to light that there's more than one legitimate solution to a web site challenge.  With all this practice and discussion, you find your understanding of web site effectiveness becoming deeper and deeper.

The Remote Learning Method With Feedback Works Well
"I listened to most of the course via the recordings and appreciated the sessions better in my own time this way. Marcia's feedback was very valuable as it allowed me to improve my skills and put into practice what I was learning. Thank you!" - Isabelle Gelderblom, Somerset, UK

After Lesson 2, you email a web site review to me for my feedback, and after Lesson 8, you email me your draft of a sales page for an information product and again receive thorough comments from me.  That's the Basic course.  

All the quotes on this page come from people in the Basic course that you'll hear on your home-study CDs.

View testimonials from graduates of the certification program, who completed the Advanced course. 

For greater mastery and to receive the Certified Web Site Marketing Makeover Consultant designation, you would go on to work with me privately after completing the eight-lesson, $1,297 Basic program.

Logistics for the Advanced Option

The Advanced course begins at some point after you satisfactorily finish the Basic course.  You can either start the Advanced program right away, or delay getting started on it for up to six months.  For those of you who are feeling financially stretched, you should be able to finish the Basic course, put your new skills to work for paying clients and earn the additional $1,700 needed to continue for certification.

Please note that I reserve the right to tell you that I don't think you're a suitable candidate for certification if you haven't shown enough mastery in the assignments you handed in for the Basic course or for any other reason.  As I stated above, the Basic course covers everything you need to perform site critiques and marketing makeovers of web sites, so you still would have had a valuable educational experience in that case.

For the Advanced program, you perform two comprehensive copy makeovers, one for a one-page sales site with an order form and the other for a lead-generating, multi-page company web site.  You would normally use your contacts to line up these sites to work on (I may be able to help out if you are having trouble rustling up volunteer clients), and whether you do this for them at no charge or you charge them for these makeovers is up to you.

Took Me Out of My Comfort Zone, Gave Me a New Direction 
"Marcia has given me an approach/methodology to analyze sites, and I felt a critical faculty start to emerge. Having a knowledgeable, experienced mentor leading the way helps you get up the learning curve quicker. I now have a better feel for marketing and web site design, which I can apply immediately at work. The course also stretched me (which is valuable and important to me) and started me on a new road for something I can do in the future – all amidst a safe learning environment." - Bob Winfield, Perry Hall, MD

We'll have four one-hour, you-and-me-only phone sessions to work through these two makeovers and as many additional email exchanges as needed.  You probably need to do several drafts of each site until I'm satisfied with what you've done.  We then have one more private phone consultation to talk you through your strategies for finding and working with clients after your certification.

After that, you graduate with a framable certificate showing that you are a Certified Web Site Marketing Makeover Consultant, and you then have the right to use that designation in your bio and promotional materials. 

View testimonials from those who graduated from the Certified Web Site Marketing Makeover Consultant program.  

Payment Details and Refund Policy

If you get started in the Basic course and decide this learning experience is not right for you, you can request and receive a refund of your initial payment after you ship back all the course materials.  You have the right to such a refund up through 48 hours after you receive my comments on your web site review assignment, or for a full six months after you enrolled in the course, whichever comes first.  After that, there are no refunds.  

The $1,700 tuition for the Advanced program gets charged in two equal installments, the first half when you get started in the Advanced course and the second half before you begin working on your second of two web site makeovers.  The Advanced tuition is non-refundable. 

We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, checks, money orders and bank wires.  If you have the opportunity to get reimbursed for the tuition by your company or by some sort of grant agency (yes, one person received a grant for her tuition!), I'll do my best to help with any paperwork needed for this.  

Feel Tons More Prepared for Wider Challenges, Better Results 
"What a great workout this course was! I got a much firmer grip on crafting the working parts of a website together to capture the customer's attention and win the sale. There's a lot a home page needs to get right, and so many site owners are clueless about what that page should do. The lesson on shopping carts was priceless. I learned how you use them makes all the difference between a confused buyer who bails out and one who gladly buys. It was also very helpful to get down in the weeds and see exactly what blend of emotion and facts we need in sales copy to connect with the buyer. As a result of the course, I'll have more confidence selling my copywriting services for a respectable fee." - Joanne Masterson, Alexandria, VA

Grab Your Spot!

Because your purchase of the Basic course commits me to feedback on your assignments, I am keeping a close eye on sales of this home-study course and reserve the right to suspend further enrollments at any time.  So if you want to master the art of writing persuasive web site copy and either be earning good money helping clients improve their sites or simply have the wherewithal to make your own site hum along with a hefty return on investment, sign up now for $1,297.

We no longer offer this course as it is a bit outdated.

Got questions?  I'll do my best to answer.  Just email me.

Marcia Yudkin, Creative Ways, P.O. Box 305, Goshen, MA 01032. Phone: (413) 563-4134. Fax: (413)280-0996. E-mail:


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