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Eager to Publish on Kindle? Join My Kindle Jumpstart Group and Finish Your First Kindle Project - Guaranteed

Sign up now for an affordable payment plan!  See below.

If you're reading this page, you know about the exciting potential of Amazon's Kindle store to make your work available to tens of millions of readers around the world.  I've published 20 ebooks on Kindle since July 2011 and would love to see you enjoy the kind of new, ever-growing income stream that I've created.

Your leap into digital publishing inevitably involves frustration, confusion and a learning curve.  I certainly experienced obstacles when I began this effort.  

For a limited time, I'm sharing everything I know about Kindle success while shepherding up to 10 people through the necessary steps to target a nonfiction or fiction project for Kindle, prepare it properly and upload it to Amazon (and elsewhere) with tempting marketing copy and a plan for drawing attention to the work.

Here's what you get if you are one of those 10 people in the upcoming Kindle Jumpstart program:

  • A comprehensive manual taking you step by step through the process of focusing your writing project for Kindle, formatting it, uploading it and marketing it appropriately

  • Three interactive coaching calls that give each participant an opportunity for advice and suggestions, with one call on each of the following topics:

I. Strategy: Title, Topic, Scope, Audience
II. Marketing Copy: Your Ebook Description for Amazon
III. Marketing Plan: Specific Steps for Letting Readers Know About Your Ebook

  • Three homework assignments that move you forward on the three crucial topics above

"Having just completed my first course with Marcia, Kindle Jumpstart, I know it will not be my last. Marcia presents her expertise in well thought out, logical and supportive ways so that your learning is progressive and delivers what you need to reach your goals. Marcia has a wealth of marketing experience, the essential ingredient to any career progression. She walks her talk and is resourceful in her guidance and support." - Anna-Louise Haigh, Author, The Soul Whisperer

  • Personal feedback from me and other participants on each homework assignment

  • MP3 recordings of the coaching calls, so you can easily review our discussions or catch up if you missed a session

  • One month of unlimited answers to any Kindle-related questions in a password-protected forum (if I don't know the answers, I'll find out for you!)

  • Either an editorial review of your Kindle ebook (up to 50 pages) OR a one-hour, one-on-one phone session with me providing advice, suggestions and answers

What's the Time Frame?

You receive the course manual and homework assignments for the course within 24 hours of registering, so you can get started thinking productively about your Kindle publishing project immediately.

The three teleseminar coaching calls, each lasting 60-75 minutes, will take place by phone as follows:

Wednesdays:  June 11, 18, 25 at 2:00 p.m. Eastern time (11 a.m. Pacific time, 7 p.m. London time)

Live outside North America?  Local calling numbers are available for more than 20 countries, including Germany, Netherlands, Australia, France, Japan and Israel.

Your editorial review or one-on-one coaching session can be scheduled any time from the day after the first class through the end of August 2014.

Benefits of the Course

You'll be learning the ropes from someone who has a solid background in both book publishing and marketing.  Before self-publishing some works, I've had books published by traditional New York publishers get picked up by the Book of the Month Club and featured on the Oprah Winfrey Show.  

For years I served as the part-time editor for a small press, and I have coached dozens of academic, business, self-help and memoir authors on their book writing and promotion.  You won't hear me recommend any sleazy tactics, and when I'm not sure about something, I'll admit it.

"Kindle Jumpstart laid out a clear plan to follow and highlighted potential pitfalls where time would be wasted. This course will benefit anyone who wants to increase their chance of success in publishing an ebook, from experienced authors to the novice. Being able to bounce marketing ideas and hear how others from diverse fields were planning on promoting their book stimulated other ideas for me. For me, publishing a book changed from being an idle fantasy to a realisable goal within 120 days." - Dr. Nick Lyttle, BSc, BVSc, Author, Dairy Farming for Health and Profit: Growing Tasty Grass

By taking the course, you can:

  • Bypass the bewilderment and worries most people have doing something like Kindle publishing for the first time

  • Instead of wild, get-rich-quick, finish-it-in-30-minutes promises, receive a realistic orientation to the potential and pitfalls of Kindle publishing 

  • Get well-informed, experience-based advice on issues like Digital Rights Management, pricing, royalty options, covers, ISBNs and Kindle's KDP Select program

  • Avoid common blunders regarding ebook titles, audience targeting and the marketing copy for your listing on Amazon

"The Kindle Jumpstart Course educated me on crucial aspects of Kindle publishing that I certainly wouldn't have known about otherwise. The course manual, the homework assignments, the interactive classes and the recordings of the classes together ensured that the material was covered thoroughly and that, even after the course has ended, one can access it whenever necessary. If you are looking for additional confidence to publish your book, this course will definitely provide it." - Jan Weel, Author, How I Learned to Let God Find Me in the Good Times and the Bad: A Spiritual Memoir

  • Know how to meet high publishing standards and prevent reader complaints

  • Have clear, relatively simple instructions about Kindle formatting to follow and someone to consult if problems crop up

  • Receive feedback from a highly published, savvy author on changes your ebook needs to be successful

  • Understand the most important steps you can take to let your market know about your new ebook

  • For one month, have an easy, quick way to get your questions answered

  • Know how to repeat all the steps for a next and next and next project

  • Use the structured process in the course to stop wishing you had an ebook on Kindle and instead, get it done

How Much?

The fee for all the above coaching, instruction, feedback and support is $498 - broken down into two installments of $249 each, 30 days apart.

"I signed up for Marciaís Jumpstart course having barely started my book. Iím so glad I did! First, each session offered tips and resources that helped me sharpen my focus and zone in on my target audience. Second, my one-on-one session was terrific. Third, the class, even now thatís itís over, continually inspired me to work on my book. Throughout, Marciaís seasoned counsel pulled me gently away from pitfalls and nudged me towards opportunity." - Marcia Ross,

What's the Guarantee?

If you complete all three homework assignments, attend at least two of the three scheduled coaching calls and feel I did not meet your expectations, simply tell me by June 25 and I will refund everything you paid. 

Because I value my reputation, I'm highly motivated to make sure every participant gets the help, guidance, answers and success he or she signed up for.

"The very thought of producing a Kindle version of my book made me nervous. I anticipated a long, frustration-filled process. To ease the way, I took Marcia Yudkin's Kindle Jumpstart class. When it came time to create and upload my Kindle book, I was well prepared and confidently navigated through the steps. Thanks, Marcia!" - Caroline Grimm, Author, Wild Sweeps the Wind

NOTE: The course is designed for people wanting to publish nonfiction or fiction that is not illustrated and that has no tables, charts, graphs or similar layout complications.  

Sign Up Now

The Kindle Jumpstart course is limited to 10 people, so sign up today if the idea of getting handholding and advice for success in Kindle publishing appeals to you.  You'll be charged $249 now and another $249 in 30 days.

Only 10 spots are availableAfter you sign up, you'll receive your course manual as an immediate download.  I'll be in touch in June with other details.  

I look forward to helping you launch your first Kindle project painlessly and with pizzazz!

Sign Up Now


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